Kabardian breed of horses

Kabardian breed of horses

Kabardian breed is considered the oldest of all known species. It was brought out about 3-2 thousand BC. in the Caucasus. Since that time, the Caucasian people have been constantly working on improving this breed. Until now, the Kabardian horse has reached virtually unchanged.


Little is known about the exact origin of the horse. In the scientific world, there are also several versions as to where the ancestor of the Kabardian horse first appeared.

Someone thinks that the Kabardian horse appeared as a result of crossing steppe horses with Arab and Turkmen horses. Others take a different view: the Kabardian horse was created by the Circassians themselves by selecting the most hardy and strong individuals.

In the 16th century, the fame of the virtues of Kabardian horses spread throughout the world. They began to be purchased in large quantities in Turkey, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Poland.

Kabardian breed of horses

Breed Overview

Features of the relief of the mountainous country – the Caucasus for many years affected the horse. In the process of evolution, her legs became strong and slightly elongated. This allows the horses to easily overcome difficult areas in the mountains.

In the XVII-XIX centuries, the horse was actively used to transport cargo in hard-to-reach regions. Unbearable work affected the strength of the feet. Thus, the horse surprisingly combines power and speed.

Impresses the imagination and endurance of these horses. They are able to carry a cargo of 200 kilograms for a whole day without stopping. A heavily loaded horse passes more than 100 km without stopping.

In the past, this breed was used by the Kazakhs as a battle horse. In this position, it was at least 1000 years old. During this period, she developed obedience and discipline.

As for temperament, the Kabardian horses seem to have absorbed the luck of the Caucasian people – they are very freedom-loving and energetic horses. The Kabardian horse quickly gets used to the man. It is necessary to note her mental inclinations – she is perfectly capable of training and is often used for circus performances.

Appearance of a Kabardian horse

The formation of the appearance of this breed was attended by Turkish horses and noble Arab horses. Kabardian horse absorbed the best of their qualities and became the standard of grace and power (the height of the horse is 160 cm at the withers). This breed of horses is distinguished by a narrow muzzle, and wide nostrils.

Kabardian breed of horses

Despite its large size, the horse can not boast of powerful legs. Her limbs are outwardly shaped like very thin legs.

Despite the dryness of the legs, the horse has amazing endurance and strength, surprisingly. Visiting card of Kabardian horse’s legs is a special form of hoof – cups. This form helps horses to overcome difficultly passable sites in the mountains.

According to external parameters, the breed can be divided into three subtypes: massive, ordinary and eastern. Today horse breeders breed mostly massive and ordinary horses. The first is taken out for household needs, and the latter for long trips through mountain ranges.

Kabardian breed of horses