Infectious diseases of rabbits

Infectious diseases of rabbits

Certainly, to prevent any sickness and disease is much easier than to then treat it. To ensure that your rabbits are always in good spirits and strong health, you need to carry out a few simple, but fairly strict rules. Initially, after acquiring animals in another farm, it is first necessary to keep them separate from the rest, about 20-25 days. In the event that after this time, no sick animals are seen, then we can safely send them to the rest.

Every animal should be examined very carefully and carefully. A good and healthy animal will have a good appetite, it will be active, and the fur is shiny.

Infectious diseases of rabbits

In the event that the animals become ill, it is necessary to seek the help of specialists as soon as possible. Often, if a rabbit is infected with an infectious disease, in most cases it is simply hammered, as this will help save the life of the rest of the animal.


This infectious form of the common cold is affected by both adult rabbits and young animals. You can detect such a disease yourself without problems. It is due to strong discharge from the nose, and a large body temperature. It is necessary to immediately isolate the rabbits and disinfect the cells.

In the event that the veterinarian quickly and qualitatively undertook all the manipulations to eliminate the disease, then for 3 weeks the discharge from the nose stops appearing and the rabbit can be translated again to the rest. It is necessary to hammer the animal if in 2 weeks there are no prerequisites for recovery.

Infectious stomatitis

Such disease is peculiar only to the young, which is not more than 3 months old. It all starts with the fact that the entire nasal and oral cavity is covered with a white coating, after which there are small ulcers. Young and weak rabbits often die.

In the event that you detect this disease at an early stage, then you can cure rabbits within a couple of days. Meat can be used without restrictions, but only if for 14 days, there were no signs of disease.

Infectious mastitis

This disease manifests itself only in those females that are in the period of feeding. With it, the udder becomes very hard and red. In order to prevent the occurrence of such a disease, it is necessary to keep cleanliness in the cell constantly. At the initial stages, you can contact the veterinarian, and in more advanced cases it is necessary to score it. It is worth noting that such meat is not recommended for use in food.


This type of infectious disease can be obtained during mating with a sick rabbit. In this case, the causative agent itself is brought directly together with the litter or food. Diagnosis of the disease can be due to puffiness, redness and further occurrence of bleeding ulcers near the anus. It is worth noting that this disease can be in the female for several years.

Despite the fact that this disease does not directly affect the female organism, the rabbit will be born weaker. In order to prevent such a harmful disease as it is, before every mating it is necessary to approach the examination of animals with all responsibility. In the event that a rabbit is identified, it is best to score. Meat can be used, as usual. In order to cure such rabbits, a specialist examination is necessary.

Infectious diseases of rabbits

Even if the treatment was successful, in order to consolidate the result, it is mandatory to disinfect the cell. Only in this way can one be sure of a complete and unconditional recovery.

Infectious diseases of rabbits