Hybridization in pigs

Hybridization in pigs

Hybridization is the process of crossing within the breed, and sometimes between different breeds. With the help of hybridization breeders and breeders try to breed new breeds, more advanced ones. Usually, the animals obtained in this way combine the best qualities of the rocks used.

Before engaging in hybridization, it is necessary to carefully study all the characteristics of certain species of animals. It should be remembered that if crossed distant species, it is unlikely you can get a positive result. Piglets that have come from such crosses are called hybrids.

It was very popular and successful to hybridize a domestic pig with a wild boar. Such a crossing will give the future offspring a strong backbone, which will significantly distinguish the livestock from the already existing domestic guinea pigs. Such animals will better adapt to a variety of conditions.

Hybridization in pigs

Successful breeders have long used the three-stage technology of breeding animals, which consists of the following stages:

1. Improve existing breeds. Education of fresh species and images is carried out in specialized areas. First, the original maternal and paternal breed is created. They are derived for experiments, in order to know in advance whether they are compatible with one another or not, are suitable for hybridization or not. It is necessary to take into account all the surrounding conditions.

2. There are tribal farms and complexes. Some of whom supply repair gilts, and the second – boars.

3. Tribal farms are supplied with hybrids, and further all forces are directed to its growth, development and fattening.

The livestock on the maternal and paternal lines requires timely selection for one or other of the characteristics of interest. As mentioned above, there is an important need to check the father and mother for compatibility. Only when all these factors are taken into account, it is possible to obtain a stable result.

As for the idealization of the maternal line, it is aimed at improving the reproducibility. It is necessary to increase the indices of multiplicity, large-fruitedness, the vitality of the piglets born, the duration of idle periods, the revival during hunting. The father’s line is improved to improve the efficiency of feed intake, the measured distribution of fat along the ridge, the ability to fertilize, and the severity of meat forms.

Taken for hybridization, animals must be healthy and healthy. They should have a sufficiently large resistance of the body in relation to various diseases.

Hybridization in pigs

To improve the efficiency of pig breeding, it is necessary to adhere to the distinct and strict zootechnical, pedigree registration of animals. It is for this purpose and use a variety of notes, for example, tattoos, wigs, tags and so on.

On the pedigree pigs, an individual card must be entered, where all the information on the origin, age, exteriors, productive qualities of the pig will be indicated.

In the Russian Federation there has long been a state service for breeding. The main task that this service sets itself is to carry out activities that are aimed at improving the quality of breeding and productive pigs.

Hybridization in pigs