How to train a horse?

How to train a horse?

Every horse owner knows how important a regular and competent exercise is. Horses are by nature mobile animals, in the conditions of the herd they are able to pass for a day several tens of kilometers, moving from one pasture to another. In urban conditions, the need to seek food has disappeared, but the need for movement has remained

How to train a horse?

Training horses can vary greatly depending on age, gender, health, purpose of use and even animal breeds

Horses, which are prepared for hippodrome testing, are trained before the rest, so that in 2 years they are able to show the first results. The training of racehorses and trotters consists of daily trips, the purpose of which is the development of endurance and speed

Horses that are prepared for performance in Olympic sports, such as competitions, dressage and triathlon, begin to train from 2-3 years, although, now there is a tendency of horse racing at a later age. The fact is that many breeds of modern horses are late-ripening, i. e. their exterior, muscles, joints and tendons are finally formed by 5-6 years. Early start of training can lead to improper horse formation and injury

Horses of the hobby class must undergo the same initial training as sports horses, because during it, trust and respect for the rider are laid, as well as the basics of working on the cord and under the saddle. Even having fallen into the hands of a beginner, the horse should be as much as possible adequate, safe and calm

Any training begins with the fact that the horse is introduced to the ammunition and taught to work on the cord. This helps to quickly teach the horse the basic commands and correct movements before the rider sits on it. The horse learns to listen to a person, perform exercises of varying degrees of complexity, which help to find and develop balance and momentum. How to train a horse?

Gradually, the horse is introduced to the saddle and snaffle headband. With the right and not forced training, the horse quietly perceives new items without protest and fear. At this stage it is very important to maintain the horse’s trust in a person, not to use physical force and punishment

When the horse settles on the cord under the saddle, it is the turn of the race. The man sits on the back of the horse for the first time, and a new stage is coming: the training of the horse under the saddle. It is necessary to teach the horse to perfectly balance with the person on the back, listen to the commands, and also the movements of the arms and legs of the rider. After the horse gets used to calmly and relaxedly move under the rider on all three paces, a specialized training begins

How to train a horse?

Those horses that will compete in jumping are gradually taught to jump over obstacles, alternating competitive training with work on simple dressage elements. A competitive horse must be flexible, easily manageable and manoeuvrable, which is facilitated by dressage

The horses that will be used in dressage, begin to learn a variety of elements, working a lot on the ground, in hands and on reins. How to train a horse?

In whatever discipline the horse comes out, the training should be regular and carefully planned, provided that the horse is absolutely healthy. In the event of any injury or malaise, the training should be stopped and consulted by the veterinarian. Once a week, horses arrange a day off when she walks in the left-hand area and resting from physical exertion

In no case do not trust the training of your horse to people without special knowledge. Only in the case when a professional works with you and a horse, you will save the health of your pet for many years.

How to train a horse?