How to take care of horses?

How to take care of horses?

Buying a horse, you need to realize that caring for it will require a lot of effort, as well as temporary and material costs

Despite the fact that the horse is a large and strong animal, it has a fairly fragile health. Only by providing her with proper and regular care, one can count on the horse to be healthy, active and able to perform work

How to take care of horses?

General principles of caring for a horse. There are daily and periodic household rituals that must be performed if you are the owner of a horse

Daily chores include: – cleaning of stables and stall; – cleaning the horse; – feeding; – Paddock; – Training and exercise Regular cycling for many hours is very important for the physical and mental condition of the horse. Animals that spend in the stall most of the time, very often suffer from stale vices, developing from boredom. In turn, horses, provided with many hours of walking and movement on a diverse soil, are less likely to suffer from respiratory system diseases, hoof disease and allergies

Grooming plays an important role in caring for a horse. Cleaning is not only hygiene, but also a useful massage, as well as a way to establish contact with the horse, so do not neglect this significant ritual. It is especially important to regularly clean the horse during the periods of autumn and spring molt, when it is necessary to help the horse to get rid of the old wool

As for the horse’s feeding, it is important to adhere to the “Do not do harm” principle. Today you can buy a wide variety of feeds, muesli, herbal mixtures and top dressing. However, it is important to remember that the digestion of a horse is a very fragile mechanism and any sudden change in diet can trigger such a dangerous disease as colic

The basis of the horse’s diet should be high-quality and fresh hay without dust. In no case is the presence of mold and fungus unacceptable. In day the horse can eat from 12 to 25 kg of hay. For horses carrying physical loads, it is necessary to add to the diet oats or special muesli, which give the necessary energy reserve

There is also a whole range of vitamin and therapeutic top dressings for horse health. They can be introduced into the diet, both for disease prevention and for therapeutic purposes

How to take care of horses?

Periodic manipulations include: – planned veterinary examination; – clearing hooves; – purchase of feed

The standard veterinary manipulations include annual analyzes for various diseases, vaccinations, deworming, dental filing. But care for hooves requires more frequent visits by a specialist. The clearance of hoofs should preferably be done monthly in order to monitor the correct growth of the hoof horn

If the horse has the ability to move along different terrains and surfaces, its hooves are self-mopping and getting the right natural shape. In this case, only a small correction from the side of the forging

Care of a hobby horse. More often than not, when purchasing a horse for amateur sports or horseback riding in the fields, it makes sense to settle a horse in a horse-riding center or a country horse club, where for a certain monthly fee, the horse will be under control and surrounded by care

In this case, the need to clean up in the stables, feed and walk the horse daily, falls on the shoulders of the equestrian club staff. In addition, almost every stable has its own forage and a veterinarian, which means that there will not be any additional hassle with the care of the horse’s health and hooves

Care of the sports horse. A sports horse requires a special attitude to itself, because it looks like an exact mechanism, for the serviceability of which you must strictly follow. She needs regular training and restorative procedures, such as, a solarium, swimming in the pool or acupuncture

A sports horse needs a special balanced diet and special top dressing. In addition, the horse must be absolutely healthy, so the visits of the veterinarian and the hogweed occur quite often, because even the smallest stretch or microtrauma can affect the result of the performance

How to take care of horses?

Own horse is a great joy and great responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully weigh all the pros and cons, before becoming a happy owner. But in case of careful and careful attitude, your horse will please you for many years, becoming for you a devoted friend, sports partner and favorite pet.

How to take care of horses?