How to pinch watermelons?

How to pinch watermelons?

When growing such a berries as a watermelon, many beginners have a lot of questions. After all, it seems like just to choose a certain variety of watermelon and plant it, but in the process of how this delicious berry starts to grow, a lot of questions arise. What kind of watermelon is better to buy, how to water and pinch the plant? In order to get a good harvest you need:

1. Identify with a variety of watermelon, they are early such as: Helen, Trophy and Dolby, who will be able to harvest in the middle of July if you make a seeding under the film. And there are such varieties as: Nitsa, Unusual. Such varieties will ripen by the middle of August, and a variety of watermelon Kholodok will mature in late August.

2. Correctly plant the plant. The width between the rows should be at least two meters. Wells before planting moisturize and sow up to ten seeds (after germination of seeds leave the strongest remaining ones remove), pour the hole on the ground and compact it a little. The distance between plants should be at least a meter.

3. Do not get carried away with watering, watermelon does not require watering, but to get a bigger yield you can water the plant every two weeks at the rate of three buckets per square meter.

4. Correctly to form a plant, that is to make a correct prishlipku plants. This is the most important when growing watermelons.

How to pinch watermelons?

Prishchipka watermelons are needed for rapid ripening of the fetus. Also, the procedure of pinching affects the taste qualities of the fetus. The berry becomes more sweet and juicy. Another procedure for prischipki watermelons depends on the climatic belt in which watermelons are grown

For example, in the northern regions, the prickling of the plant is a mandatory procedure, since in a short summer period the fruit simply will not have time to grow. Also, such a procedure as prischipka need to do for watermelons of large varieties

There are several types of watermelon formation

The first way

To form a watermelon, you can leave side shoots. That is, on the main run you need to leave only three berries for large varieties of watermelon, for smaller varieties you can leave up to six ovaries. Side shoots are left without fruit

On such lateral shoots leave up to four sheets, and then shoot the pinch. These abandoned shoots will give additional nutrients to the fruits that will be located on the main shoot. As the fruit will grow and fill the lower shoots, it will be necessary to gradually remove

How to pinch watermelons?

The second way

The formation of watermelon occurs without side shoots. In this case, all side shoots are removed, and the ovaries leave a maximum of five leaves

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that as the watermelon grows, new shoots may appear, which will need to be removed. To do this, inspect the plants once a week, otherwise the fruits that were left will simply not grow, due to a lack of nutrients

The third way

A lot of truck farmers leave the side shoots on the main shoot. It is on these lateral shoots that berries are grown, and on the main shoots are removed. When the plant has gained a green mass, and the first ovaries begin to form, then no more than four varieties should be selected for large varieties, and for smaller varieties up to six fruits on the whole plant

On each whip it is desirable to leave one, in rare cases, two fetuses. Left whips with the fruit you need to pin it is done at a distance of three leaves from the fetus. Then you need to remove excess layers with ovaries using scissors from the main plant

Prischipku and pruning unnecessary lashes is desirable to spend a sunny day in this case, the cut off lashes quickly dry. If you produce the formation of the plant in damp and overcast weather, then on the cut off parts rot may form, which will lead to the disease of the whole plant.

How to pinch watermelons?