How to keep goats in winter

How to keep goats in winter

How to keep goats in winter

There are no any special secrets in the content of goats, they do not require any special relation to themselves, but it is necessary to better study all the details of the question, so that no surprises arise then.

The building in which the goats will be located must be dry, not dark and the wind should not freely walk in the room. The temperature in winter should be in the range from six to minus seven degrees. If the mother will be, and kids in this case should be even warmer from eight degrees to minus ten degrees. It happens that in the building the temperature decreases, below the minimum in this case, the goats need to wear warm blankets, which can close the chest to the udder.

In the south, in places where the winter is mild and the goats do not last long, they can winter under a canopy, because animals tolerate cold. Only be sure to take into account that the dampness is contraindicated. Goats can be kept in wood sheds, closets, porches before entering the house and even in the attic rooms they will run up the stairs without any problems.

In the same areas where winter is cold for wintering goats, a log cabin 2 m high will suit. Planning to keep goats in winter in a barn from boards, be sure to insulate it additionally. Remember that, despite very severe frosts, the water in goats should not freeze. In the quality of insulation, you can build a second wall, and cover the gap with sawdust and lime. Be sure to fill the sawdust and overlap to better keep the heat.

Before the goat, you need to equip a small fenced yard so that in winter, when the temperature allows you to let go of the street. In winter, when the temperature is at least minus twelve degrees, but in the total absence of wind in this yard, goats can even be fed, and not just truant. Such hardening procedures will improve overall well-being and productivity. Goat feed in the building, it is necessary only in the case when the temperature drops to substantial frosts.

The dimensions of the fence in the pen should be about one meter thirty centimeters for goats, and for a goat one meter fifty centimeters. The gate should not be built narrow and they must be fitted with a bolt. The yard area is set at least four meters for each adult animal. When installing feeding troughs, do this in such a way that they can be fed into the food without entering the enclosure. Very convenient are fences made of boards, but they are not very cheap.

The end in the shed should be made from the south side at a distance of just over a meter from the floor in order to stand on its hind legs, the goat could not break the glass with its horns. In winter, it is necessary to organize lighting at least eight hours a day.

In that case, if the shed is very small and the window can not be cut, you can make it in the door. It should be double not less than eighty-five centimeters wide, so for warmth it should be additionally watered, for this you can use beveled and dried grass which should be packaged in tare.

The floor can be made of boards, clay, earth well, if it is raised above the ground by twenty centimeters. You can send it with a suitable building roofing material. The hay is stacked on the boards, a mattress is formed in the straw, which is then simply removed, the animals will always be clean and it will warm the goats, which is also very important.

Goat should be well ventilated, but a draft should not be allowed, in any case. Goats should not be kept with a goat, it will affect the milk of its taste. Animals should not be populated by hens, they can infect them with various diseases. Goats should be kept clean, they must be combed regularly, and hooves cleaned.

How to keep goats in winter