How to grow grapes

How to grow grapes

Most lovers of dacha farming grow grapes on their plots of land. Care for him – it’s quite a laborious process. After all, the growth and development of the plant depend on this, as well as the quality and size of the future crop. In this case, you need to take into account a lot of aspects.

How to grow grapes


Planting seedlings in the open ground is recommended in the fall period, but you can do it in the spring. As a rule, such an event should be held from mid-April to mid-May. In areas with cold climatic conditions, the vine should be carefully sheltered for the winter. If the seedlings were placed in the open ground in the fall, then they should be sprinkled with earth. Its layer above the last kidneys should be no less than 30 centimeters thick.

For landing, you must select a site with good sunlight. Because grapes are a thermophilic plant. In addition, it will greatly affect the condition of the fruit. Plant the plant in such a way that it can receive more heat. Thus, the berries will be faster to keep up and contain more sugar. Do not plant grapes in places where groundwater is close to the surface. In addition, it is necessary to observe the distance between the plants. The distance from grapes to other crops should be no less than 3 meters.

Before planting, seedlings should be prepared. To do this, they are soaked for several days in water. Also you need not forget to leave the roots, the length, which should be about 25 centimeters.

On the site you dig a hole. The recommended pit sizes are 80х80х80 centimeters. It should be noted that the bottom should be about 20 centimeters of good nutrient soil, as well as humus. It will take about 2-3 buckets. In addition, there must be poured wood ash, potassium salt and superphosphate. All the contents must be thoroughly mixed to a homogeneous state, and then again pour out a fertile layer of soil. After the described actions the deepening should be about 50 centimeters.

How to grow grapes

Only after that in the center should pour a small hill of land. Next, the seedling is placed on it and covered with soil. Then you need to water. Cover the top with a protective film and leave the plant until spring.


Subsequent years it is worth timely to circumcise unnecessary shoots, in order to form a strong and healthy plant with quality fruits. Proper pruning will promote the formation of large bunches. In order for the fruits to be large, on each shoot it is necessary to leave one brush and remove the remaining ones. Thus, the fruits will receive more useful substances. In addition, the vine must be tied to the trellis.


Most varieties of grapes form flowers with well-developed pestles, and with stamens. However, there are some species that have only female flowers. Their pollen is sterile and it can not contribute to fertilization.

In this case, experts recommend performing artificial pollination. It will be necessary to use fertile pollen. For this, inflorescences are collected from the pollinators. They must be rubbed, preferably in a dry room with a dim light. After these actions, the contents must be sieved through a sieve. The resulting mass is collected with a puff and gently touch the inflorescences that need to be pollinated.

Perform artificial pollination several times during the entire flowering period. The first time to do this is necessary on day 2, after the flowers have blossomed. The second time – after 3-4 days, and the third – after 3-4 days.

Do pollination in the morning and preferably finish up to 10 hours.

Thanks to such pollination, yields can be significantly improved. It can rise by 30-50%.

How to grow grapes