How to get rid of ants on the backyard

How to get rid of ants on the backyard

Ants are able to cause significant damage to the harvest in the country. Therefore, if they appeared on the backyard, they should be disposed of. It is not so easy to get rid of annoying insects. However, there are several proven methods

Destroying an anthill The mechanical destruction of an ants house will help drive them from the infield. Ants are divided into working individuals and queens, the function of which is to reproduce the offspring. Fight with the labor is useless

Destroying the anthill, the gardener will destroy the uterus and thereby deprive the ants of the possibility of reproduction. In addition, workers will lose control and the goal – the support of the queens and offspring

How to get rid of ants on the backyard

Millet To get rid of ants, you can clog all the entrances and exits in an anthill. But this is very difficult to do. Many gardeners try to fill the anthill with water. However, the dwelling of the ants is arranged so that it is able to withstand any amount of rain without harm to its inhabitants

There is a clever way to effectively get rid of ants on the plot. You can sprinkle millet about millet. Workers begin to drag it into an anthill, but the grains are too large for small passages. They tightly clog all entrances and exits, not allowing the ants to return to the dwelling or get out of it

The inhabitants of the anthill embrace panic. They are in a hurry to leave their home, taking the queen and laying eggs. If you fill the anthill with water in addition, its inhabitants will not be able to escape

How to get rid of ants on the backyard

Struggling with smells Ants do not tolerate many smells

Among them are the flavors:

    Parsley; Mustard; Anisa; The Lavra; Bottle of tomatoes.

This feature plays into the hands of the trucker. To drive the ants from the infield, leaves of plants, the smells of which they can not tolerate, should be disintegrated on insect trails and tied with stems of tree trunks on which pests were observed

Between the beds you can sow valerian and mint. Feeling an unpleasant smell, the ants will throw everything and take their home to another place, leaving the old anthill empty

How to get rid of ants on the backyard

Destruction with boiling water To drive the ants from the infield, their home, if it is located at a distance from the cultivated plants, you can pour boiling water. This is done in the evening, when the whole family gathers in an anthill

During the procedure dwelling pests should be routed and well spilled with hot water. The method will get rid of the uterus and deprive the ants of the mode of reproduction and purpose of existence

Decoctions and mixtures In the fight against ants, a mixture of ash with lime and crushed bark will help. The resulting mass should be sprinkled with beds. For top performance, you can pour a solution of common salt

Will also help decoction of tomato tops. The more concentration – the more effective the result will be. You can water them an anthill or paths

Traps In the fight with ants, you can use special traps. For this, 0.5 liter. water, you need to dilute half a teaspoon of boric acid and a tablespoon of sugar. The solution should be thoroughly mixed, poured into a saucer and put on its edge a bridge from a blade of grass or a straw

There is another trap. It is necessary to take yeast and pour them with cold water to the consistency of sour cream. The mixture must be mixed, add jam to it and mix again

The resulting mass must be put on a piece of cardboard and put a trap in the places of the accumulation of ants. Pests eat bait and after a while they die. It should be ensured that the trap does not dry out. A large amount of the mixture is not required.

How to get rid of ants on the backyard