How to get rid of a mole on a plot of land

How to get rid of a mole on a plot of land

A mole is a small animal living underground. He uses insects for food. The negative effect of the mole is that it builds the passages and digs up the roots of the plants, which then perish. For this reason, it is very important for a gardener to get rid of an unpleasant neighbor

How to get rid of a mole on a plot of land

However, we should not forget about the benefits of the animal. He attacks only the roots of those plants where larvae have already settled. Deciding to get rid of the mole, the gardener should make sure that the animals on the site have diverted a critical amount

Metal mesh To moles did not penetrate the site, in early spring along the entire perimeter it is necessary to dig a fine mesh net into the ground. The method reliably protects the garden from pests. However, it is rather complicated in execution. To mesh stopped the mole, it should be dug to a depth of at least 1.2 meters. At the same time, about 15 cm of the net should remain above the surface, so that it can be fastened to the fence

Planting scaring plants Get rid of a mole will help plants that the animal does not like. The mole is blind, but his sight compensates for his excellent sense of smell. If planted plants, the smell of which he does not like, the animal will leave the site. Cultures that can scare off a mole include:

    Beans; Black beans.

Plants should be grown around the perimeter of the site.

Recipe for scaring moles

There are means that also affect the sensitive smell of a mole. They can be cooked at home. To do this, mix 2 tablespoons of liquid soap or dish detergent with a glass of castor oil

Then 4, 5 liters of water should be added to the mixture. The agent should be well shaken and sprinkled the soil in the holes. The procedure should be repeated once a month for the entire season and every time after the rain

How to get rid of a mole on a plot of land

The mole does not tolerate the smell of odorous plants, such as garlic and onions. To drive the animal away from the site, it is necessary to cut the plants finely and place them at the entrance to the burrow. The agent should fall asleep as many moves as possible. This will speed up the process of deportation from the site of uninvited neighbors

In worm heaps, you can stick bird-cherry stakes or fill goat’s dung beetles inside. These methods were used by grandfathers and great-grandfathers. In the hole, you can pour a herring brine or kerosene, mixed with water. Mole will quickly leave the chosen place

Catching with a shovel The task of a gardener is to find a fresh mound left by a mole. The ground hill should be excavated before entering the burrow. Then you need to wait a little. After a while, the owner of the burrow will appear, which will come to eliminate the destruction

The appearance of the animal is indicated by the soil that began to move. At this point, as soon as possible, dig it with a shovel and put the mole in the prepared container. The captured animal can be carried to the nearest forest or to the meadow and released there. To kill a mole should not be. This is an animal that can bring many benefits. It is better to let him go to his relatives

Trap Solomon The device is a tin or iron cylinder, about 40 cm in size. At its ends are hinged doors. They open only inward. The reason for this is the specially bent edges of the cylinder, which do not allow the mole to get out. The trap should be placed in a tunnel and sprinkled with earth. After a while the mole will fall into it

How to get rid of a mole on a plot of land

Installation of the miter In the fight against mole will help the standard gag. It is made from roasted wire, and then placed in a hole. The device must be there all the time.

How to get rid of a mole on a plot of land