How to feed a newborn kid?

How to feed a newborn kid?

How to feed a newborn kid?

There is a system for growing kids with a goat, and also when the kids are kept separately from the goat. In the event that the goat is grown together with the goat, then during the first month of life they are always located nearby.

After they are a little older and they will be two months to goat, they will fit no more than three times a day. Goat kids who are three months old are taken to the goat after being milked: starting at least three times in the first week, from the second week the carts of goats are reduced to two times, and as the kids grow older, they will be less likely to approach the goat for the third week, it will be only once, and the fourth week – it will be enough once every two days. In the event that animals are in the same room, it is desirable to take care of and observe how the goat feels and if it is noticed that the excess milk remains, it is necessary to extort it.

When goats are brought after the goat has been milked, it may not give milk and the kids may be hungry. At low milking goats go hungry all the time or from time to time, therefore, growing up, will be nervous and this will negatively affect their productivity. Very different animals grow with artificial feeding. Adults they will be able to give high milk yields, but kids never want to eat, talk to them, they are stroked, this leads to the fact that they grow up obedient, they love people, sociable.

When goats are grown artificially it is necessary to have dishes designed for two shifts of feeding in order to be able, as often as possible, to wash it with soda and hot water. Before eating, babies should be allowed to run to eat with pleasure. Before you give milk to kids, you need to warm it and it’s better if it’s fresh only that milk is milk.

Let us now examine the question of how to feed a newborn kid. Only that a kid born into a world is allowed to dry out, then he is allowed to eat with a nipple or from a small bowl. In the first two weeks, the kids should be fed at the following intervals three times in the morning from eight o’clock to ten o’clock, then from four o’clock in the afternoon until six o’clock in the evening, and finally, in the evening, from ten o’clock to eleven o’clock. The first week of goats feed on milk and colostrum. In the event that there is excess colostrum, it must be frozen in bags, and then, later adding milk to the kids, milk should be heated to a temperature of forty-two degrees Celsius.

In the second week should be in the milk to enter vitamin supplements, let it be carrot juice and well-boiled oatmeal. The resulting mixture is best squeezed through gauze, add a little salt and give kids plenty. The abovementioned products have a great effect on growing organisms, contribute to their strengthening and the receipt of vitamins in full, as well as various trace elements. At the end of the week, along with all the other products of goats should be given and kulag.

Beginning with the third week of life, instead of broth, you should give more solid food oats, ground in flour, so is the need and do not forget about vitamins, let’s vegetables, such as carrots, beets, etc. twisted into minced meat and, without squeezing, add to the milk.

With the onset of the fourth week in the life of kids, it is possible to add food to the meal already with flour from the hay, and instead of water it is more useful to add hay.

After the kids are two months old, wheat bran, pre-ground in a coffee grinder and rye flour, are added to this mixture. This mixture is established for a long period of up to four months. Growing young, he will abandon the mixture, and prefer it to the nutrition of adult animals, this will be green grass, which they very willingly eat, mixed fodder and various vegetables. At the very end of feeding, the proportion of milk in the mixture can be reduced from eighty percent to sixty percent.

Specialists on goats recommend instead of milk to use a milk formula. From the third week, goats should be fed twice. It is necessary to make sure that the goats are full, then all the glands will work perfectly normal and they will grow completely healthy.

How to feed a newborn kid?