How the horse was domesticated

How the horse was domesticated

How the horse was domesticated

A horse is one of the first animals that was able to tame a person, after a dog and a cat. The history of the domestication of the horse goes back to the deep past, as evidenced by the rock inscriptions and drawings dating from about 15 000 BC. Due to the fact that such a manifestation of human creativity was found in the rock caves of Europe, modern man had the opportunity to learn that his distant ancestors began to tame the horse even at the time when they themselves were in the state of the tribal community.

Taming a horse played, perhaps, the most important role in human life, because only with the help of this animal did man manage to master some kinds of craft, to engage in cattle breeding and military affairs. The horse for many millennia has become a friend, helper, labor and food source for many generations of people. In the rock paintings you can clearly see that a rope is put on a horse, in a form corresponding to a modern bridle, which indicates that the animal was already domesticated at that time.

And yet, how did this long process actually take place? Most likely, back in those days when the tribes of people were divided into hunters and gatherers, one of the hunters shot an adult mare with a foal and left the baby for himself for the sake of fun.

Gradually, people realized that, with proper care, a small colt grows into an adult horse, but at the same time absolutely does not fear a person, as it grew up in the human herd. A great role in taming a horse was played also by experience with small horned animals – goats and sheep, which the person tamed several thousand years earlier. The horse was the most capricious and freedom-loving animal, which was not easy to domesticate. For a long time people did not understand how you can not only tame one animal, but also get it from domestic cattle, so the female with foals was hunted specifically to get the offspring.

It is believed that the saddle on a horse man dressed after her domestication is not yet soon, using exclusively as food and as draft scotte. How really people managed to saddle a horse to anyone is not known for certain, as there are no records or other evidence of that time, only one thing is known – in the era of building the pyramids and the greatest pharaohs of Egypt, the horses were already used with might and main. The horses were also in Babylon, as early as 3000 BC, and in other ancient countries, therefore one can rightfully assume that the ancestors of a modern horse should be sought in the East and in Asia. The most ancient of the known breeds is the Arab one, it was in the ancient world that it was recognized as the most valuable and expensive one.

In addition, scientists believe that all horses on earth have 4 common ancestors:

1. A forest horse;

2. Asian horse;

3. Tarpan;

4. The European horse.

From the forest horses there were heavy Nordic horses, Asian horses became ancestors for modern Arabian and Akhalteke breeds, tarpan is considered the ancestor of the horse Przewalski and Mongolian thoroughbred horses. Evolution of the listed breeds of horses gave the numerous offspring, which in appearance completely ceased to resemble their ancestors.

So, the domestication of a horse has become one of the greatest achievements of a reasonable man.

How the horse was domesticated