Horses of purebred horse breed

Horses of purebred horse breed

The horses of the purebred horse breed appeared in England at the beginning of the 12th century. This breed was created with the goal of getting a quick fast horse ride, which will serve both military and sporting purposes.

Horses of purebred horse breed

To achieve this goal, a set of measures was taken to select stallions with Arabian mare stocks. The selection process was followed with regular training of stallions in riding, it was with the help of this that only the best representatives were selected.

The result of this work was the appearance of horses, with the sports constitution of the body and a big bite. The official purebred horse was registered in 1793. To date, this breed is one of the oldest cultural breeds of horses. Thoroughbred mounts have gained great popularity in many countries and have given rise to the creation of other types of harness and riding horses.

Characteristics of horses of purebred horse

The height of thoroughbred mounts reaches 160 cm. The head is medium in size, while it is light enough, the horse has small and moving ears, and also an expressive look. This breed can boast of horses and its high neck, the back is small in size. The croup is often slightly deflated, round in shape.

The most common color of horses of purebred horse breeds: light brown, bay, dark brown, black and ashy. Characterized by the presence of open hocks and a high tibia on the hind limbs. Hoofs are small in size, but they are distinguished by their high strength.

Horses of purebred horse breed are very fastidious to the environment in which they are kept, as well as to feeding, training and care. If there are no proper conditions, the young will grow underdeveloped and unsuccessful in competitions.

Thoroughbred riding horses are characterized by a lively, bold and frisky disposition. The distinctive features are also the maximum speed of reaction and high self-sufficiency.

Thoroughbred riding horses are not long-livers; The average length of a mare’s life is 18 years, and the stallion is 22 years old. The level of fertility is also quite small: purebred mares can boast only 75% of non-fouling at 60% of favorable fines. But even this percentage depends more on the good work of the livestock farms.

The use of purebred horse breeds

Because, purebred horse breeds are the fastest in the world, it is advisable to use it for sports equestrian competitions. The most successful for them racetrack competitions in races. By the way, the horses of this breed overcome a kilometer distance in a record short time – 60 seconds.

Particularly good these horses in two types of races – smooth hippodrome tracks and barrier on racetrack paths or in the field. The presence of a frisky character, as well as a high level of temperament makes them unsuitable simply for fans of horse breeding, because they need constant feedback in the race and strict coach, otherwise the consequences can be sad and very unpredictable.

In addition to the gallop races on the racetrack, some of the horses perform with the athletes who are triathlon, and the British take them with them to hunt for the foxes.

Horses of purebred horse breed

Currently, livestock farms in the leading countries, including Russia, are engaged in the breeding of thoroughbred horses.

Horses of purebred horse breed