Horse Breeding

How to take care of horses?

Buying a horse, you need to realize that caring for it will require a lot of effort, as well as temporary and material costs Despite the fact that the horse is a […]

How the horse was domesticated

A horse is one of the first animals that was able to tame a person, after a dog and a cat. The history of the domestication of the horse goes back to […]

Feeding foals

Growing a healthy and strong horse from a colt is a serious and responsible task. The first year of life the foal is the most important, because it is during this period […]

How to train a horse?

Every horse owner knows how important a regular and competent exercise is. Horses are by nature mobile animals, in the conditions of the herd they are able to pass for a day […]

Origin and evolution of horses

The horse is one of the oldest creatures on the planet, its history is more than 60 million years old. Modern paleontologists conducted a study that allowed us to calculate that the […]

How to horse a horse

In the process of hoof, horses wear out fairly quickly. This is the most susceptible domesticated horses, because a constant life in the stable leads to the fact that the hooves are […]

Education of horses

Horses are phenomenally intelligent and strong animals that have lived side by side with man from time immemorial and serve us faithfully However, do not forget that animals are often controlled by […]

Maintenance and breeding of ponies

Pony is a stunted breed of horses, which is most often used to entertain little children, than for those jobs for which ponies were actually taken. To date, ponies include all horses, […]

Horse meat

Horse meat, as a product used for food until recently, was not at all appreciated. And in vain! Horses are a source of high-quality and relatively inexpensive meat. By the productivity of […]

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