Horse breed “Persheron”

Horse breed “Persheron”

Horse breed Persheron

The province of Perche became the place where the famous horse breed “Percheron” was brought out. These horses were bred specially for heavy work, namely for the transportation of heavy loads. Today it is impossible to accurately determine the breeding period of this breed, but it is known for sure that the breed originated in the Middle Ages, when there was a need for such hardy animals.

Strong breeds of horses existed, they possessed great load-carrying capacity, but very quickly got tired and could not easily overcome an obstacle. The breed “Persheron” takes into account all the shortcomings. Today this breed is one of the most widespread in the whole world.

Individuals are very strong, have a strong constitution. The horse’s height is average, but the work capacity and carrying capacity are increased. This allowed during the time of the knights to use horses for the mounted army, because the animal could easily withstand a warrior in heavy armor. The breed includes several types, but today not all of them are derived, due to the uselessness in the modern world to perform certain functions.

The representative of this breed has Arabian horses in the pedigree, the gray suit of the horse can also talk about it. The addition is dry, and the head is light, which is a virtue. The constitution is harmonious, the movements of the horse are light and energetic.

Despite the activity and easy overcoming of obstacles, the horse looks strong and athletic. The head is wide, and the profile is straight. Eyes are alive, wide enough nostrils and high neck. The horse has a beautiful and lush mane, which, of course, is an ornament of the animal. The withers are developed, the crest serves as an ornament of this breed. The legs are muscular, they look a bit dryish.

The pastern is wide enough, the hooves are massive, the brushes are not very pronounced. Color horses are most often found in silver, it is the specimens of this color that are so popular in France. There are also black representatives of this breed.

Horse breed Persheron

The breed was exported for a long time, the demand was determined by the practicality of horses. The mature animal reaches a height of 175 cm, and weighs 800-900 kg. Animals adapt very easily to weather changes and are often transported to America.

Horses have good health and good temper. They easily transport cargo up to 2 tons over long distances. Ripen individuals quite late, but they are longevity.

In the maintenance of a horse unpretentious, it is necessary to pick up the balanced forage and to watch the pure litter. Animals need care for hair and mane. With proper care, the horse can last about 22 years. Often representatives of this breed are crossed with horses of another breed. As a rule, this technique is used to improve certain qualities of the animal. For crossing, lighter rocks are usually chosen, which are widely used in hunting and equestrian sport.

One stallion of this breed went down in history as the largest and most massive. Its parameters still seem unattainable today, the body weight was 1370 kg, and the height at the withers was 213.4 cm. Despite its impressive size, the animal’s movements and pace and trot were rapid. The description of this specimen can easily be found in numerous literary sources.

Today, horses are often used for hiking, as ride horses, in equestrian sport and as assistants in agriculture. Despite the automation of many operations and the introduction of machines into production processes, horses are still in demand.

The breed “Persheron” successfully participates in exhibitions and takes prizes. On the basis of representatives of this species new breeds are deduced. You can meet representatives of this species in the mounted police. For service, these horses are perfectly suitable for their degree of stamina and aesthetic appearance.

Horse breed “Persheron”