Honeydew honey

Honeydew honey

Kiprej is a perennial plant better known as ivan-tea, narrow-leaved. Fireweed blooms in midsummer gentle lilac and pink flowers, gathered in the lush blossoms, flowering duration of 30-40 days, during which the bees not only pollinate the flower, but is produced from its nectar and pollen special, would not like honey

Honeydew honey

To distinguish the haymaking honey from all the others is simplest by its uncharacteristic greenish shade in the liquid state and practically white in the solid. Crystallizing, the honey acquires a white color and most resembles the appearance of a dense smalets, rather than honey, but with the slightest heating the honey turns yellow and its color becomes quite familiar. This kind of honey is so delicate and fragrant that it can even be called child’s. The product simply melts in the mouth, does not pinch your throat, and does not leave unpleasant, hard feelings on the tongue

Unfortunately, only Cyprus and Altai are growing in Cyprus, which is why many Russian citizens do not have to taste such exotic nectar, because due to weather conditions that are not always favorable, the plant has to sow and grow by hand, receiving from one hectare of cyprus up to 600 kilograms of honey per year, without taking into account the problems with pollination and timely flowering perennial

Medicinal properties of honey Honey from Cyprian is not only very tasty, but also useful, as, like any other honey, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory drug that affects not only the inflammatory process in the body, but also the nervous system of a person, bringing it back to normal in honey soothing substances

Copper honey is prescribed for patients with gastritis of varying degrees of severity, since spraying honey negates the high content of acid in the stomach, enveloping its walls and helping to relieve pain

If there are no contraindications to this, then honey is prescribed for ulcerative stomach disease, since the spray itself helps to heal wounds, and in combination with the medicinal properties obtained by honey after bee processing, it becomes not just medicinal, but a real miracle and saving one means for many of the patients suffering from acute ulcerative inflammations and formed wounds

Young children and pregnant women should use honey as a preventive, as well as very effective means to combat possible constipation

Hopper honey is used with great benefit by people suffering from chronic diseases of the throat and respiratory tract – bronchitis, tonsillitis and sinusitis. Even a small teaspoon of honey, taken after a meal, can influence the improvement in the speed of the offspring of blood in the body and strengthen its defensive reactions. Honey copes well with headache and insomnia, improves mood and raises immunity

Especially attentive to spray honey should be breastfeeding mothers, since regular use of honey has a positive effect not only on the amount of milk, but also on its taste values

To use hibernate honey in small quantities, but regularly advise both men in middle and old age, since honey on the latest medical studies treats also prostate diseases, and not only facilitates the symptoms accompanying the disease, but does have a curative effect

So, a rare, but very tasty boiling honey can replace many medications, so you should buy it in a pharmacy, refusing antibiotics, injections and pills.

Honeydew honey