Honey natural honey

Honey natural honey

The bees receive and bring it from the nectars of the wonderful sweet-scented honey plant, sweet clover. Such honey is considered the most high-grade product. White and yellow sweet flowers grow on meadows, in steppes, in ravines by weeds, and on fields, with special seeding. Blossom flourishes from June to the end of August. At this time, beekeepers specially export their apiaries to mass plantings to obtain especially valuable medicinal honey. From one hectare of field the bees are able to bring about 800 kg of honeycomb honey.

Honey natural honey

Features of the honey honey

It has a pleasant light amber hue, from white to beige, a delicate vanilla flavor and a delicate sweet taste.

The average content of glucose in honey is 36.8%, and fructose is 39.6%, the total number of carbohydrates is 81.5 g., The calorie content is 309.00 kcal, it is very nutritious.

In pre-honey honey more than 60 medicinal ingredients, which makes it especially valuable for treatment. It is rich in numerous vitamins and minerals.

In the last days of July, you can find on sale pure liquid boneless amber honey. Later, during storage, it thickens and brightens, while becoming a milky white hue.

Honey with a white flower has a delicate vanilla flavor, and nectar from the yellow inflorescences of the medicinal sweet clover has a slightly tart flavor and slightly bitter. It is used for medicinal purposes.

Honey from the white flowers of the clover crystallizes slowly, forming a fine-grained consistency. Yellow drug honey crystallization passes quickly, it contains more glucose.

Donnik white is often used for favorable wintering of bee colonies.

Medicinal properties

Donnel honey is used to restore immunity in the treatment of lung diseases. With influenza and angina, it is used as an anti-inflammatory, soothing and expectorant.

Honey has a diuretic effect. This is an excellent remedy for flatulence.

Honey tones the work of vessels, expands them, improves blood circulation and stabilizes blood pressure.

Useful properties of honey honey contribute to the dilution of blood in hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Donnel honey is recommended for use in improving lactation in young nursing mothers.

It has an analgesic and soothing effect on migraine.

Anti-inflammatory abilities of honey are used in the treatment of inflammation of the breast, joint tumors in arthritis and arthrosis, with prostatitis.

Donnikov honey is treated with nerve diseases; neuralgia, stress, insomnia. It is very useful for menopause.

Honey natural honey

Antiseptic properties of honey honey have found wide external application in the healing of furuncles and other purulent wounds as compresses and wraps. Honey is treated with inflammation of the eyes.

Donnick honey can cause harm if mixed with milk.

You can not eat honey for those who suffer from allergies to bean products and bee products.

How not to buy a fake

It is better to buy from beekeepers, in the market instead of it can sell rapeseed, less valuable honey.

The natural product has a weak vanilla flavor, it does not smell like a vanilla cake.

In addition, in order not to buy treacle, it is important to remember that only fresh honey has an amber appearance, afterwards it becomes thick, viscous, milky – white in color.

In the sales volume of the countries of the USA and Europe, the pre-natal honey has for many years occupied the first place among other varieties of flower honey. There it is considered an elite product.

Honey natural honey