Guinea fowls

Ordinary guinea-fowls

Ordinary guinea fowl is excellent with quails, domestic chickens and turkeys. The plaque is attributed to the guinea fowl family. It is believed that she comes from Africa. Most often it can […]

Siberian white breed of guinea fowl

A breed called the Siberian white guinea fowl was bred in the Omsk region. The selection was carried out by workers of the Siberian Institute of Agriculture. A new species was obtained […]

Gray-speckled breed of guinea fowl

Gray-mottled guinea-pigs are often called silvery. This guinea fowl came to Europe from the African continent. It happened before our era. Until recently, this was the most popular breed in Russia. Now […]

Wild guinea fowl

Wild guinea fowl is the only type of guinea fowl that has been manned domesticated. In appearance, a wild bird resembles the current domestic turkeys. In our time, scientists have actively undertaken […]

Cowboy breed of guinea fowl

Curly guinea fowl can be found mainly in the northern and eastern parts of the African continent. They prefer to inhabit the territory with forest and young shrubs. Curly guinea-pigs have a […]

Crested breed of guinea fowl

Crested guinea fowl is often called crested guinea fowl. This bird is widely spread throughout the African continent. In particular, the central part of it has a large number of guinea fowls. […]

Zagorsky white-bearded penguin breed

Quite recently, the guinea fowl of the Zagorian breed appeared. This bird was artificially deduced, by the efforts of Russian scientists. This breed of guinea fowl is a direct descendant of the […]

Turkey breed of guinea fowl

Turkey guinea fowl is one of the most popular breeds of all wild guinea fowl. The representatives of this breed have a naked head. Around the neck is a white wreath. The […]

Guinea fowl

Against the background of other guinea fowls, the griffon is distinguished due to its variegated mantel. In a natural habitat, this bird perfectly adapts to the terrain. It does not require a […]

The Volga breed of guinea fowl

In the late eighties the scientists of the Soviet Union brought out a new type of guinea fowl. Later this breed was called the Volga guinea fowl. This bird almost immediately won […]

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