Growing veshenok at home

Growing veshenok at home

Growing veshenok at home

In order to independently grow mushrooms, you do not need to have special knowledge about oyster mushrooms. It is enough to follow the basic rules for their cultivation. All requirements are simple

First you need to buy a mycelium cherry. This can be done in any company that specializes in growing such mushrooms on a production scale. If this could not be done, then the purchase can be formalized through an online store, such stores are now sufficient

For the first time, you do not need to buy more than 1 kg of mycelium. From this amount, you can get 3-4 kilos of veshenok. In order to try your hand at this task, it is enough. The mycelium should be stored in a cool place. The best option is a refrigerator with a temperature of 2-4 degrees

Substrate preparation

Growing veshenok at home

As a substrate, you can use corn cobs, barley or wheat straw, sunflower husks. Use for this purpose sawdust is not worth it, since growing in them is much more difficult. On the material used as a substrate, there should be no mold marks. It will need about 10 kilograms. All raw materials are ground into pieces of 4-5 cm

To moisten the substrate and to exclude its infection with pests, it is necessary to carry out treatment using high temperature. To do this, the substrate is placed in a saucepan and poured completely with water

On a small fire, the pan should be kept for 1.5-2 hours. After this, the water is drained and the substrate is cooled to room temperature. It should not be impregnated with water. When squeezing in the hand, it is allowed to form not more than a couple of drops of water

Mushroom blocks You will need two packages of polyethylene. They place 5 kg of substrate. Before use, the bags are disinfected in bleach (1-2% solution). The substrate is placed in layers for 5-6 cm substrates spread 0.5 cm of mycelium. After this, the package is tied and made into 1-2 cm slots

Ready blocks are placed in a place where they will grow. The incubation period is from 10 to 15 days. All this time you need to ventilate the room. The temperature regime should not be lower or higher than 18-22 degrees

At the stage of incubation of additional illumination it is not necessary

Fruiting After the incubation period is completed, it is necessary:

    Provide an air temperature of up to 10-15 degrees in a room where mushrooms ripen; to provide additional illumination with fluorescent lamps for 8-10 hours a day; increase humidity up to 95%; carry out ventilation up to 4 times a day.

To maintain the necessary humidity, it is possible to spray the floor and walls with water. But you should avoid getting drops on the substrate. The first rudiments of fruit bodies under all conditions will appear in a few days. The duration of the entire fruiting period is 10-15 days

Growing veshenok at home

The mushroom hats at the end of this period are actively increasing. It is at this time that it is best to harvest. It is better not to cut the oyster mushrooms, but to twist it

After the first harvest is collected you need to check the premises and after 14 days you can wait for a new crop. Growth conditions do not change. Only one mushroom block can collect up to 4 crops. The first two give about 70% of all harvests

After removing the 4th crop, the mushroom blocks should be disposed of. If you have a household plot, they can become a good fertilizer

For someone, growing a cherry from a mycelium seems very difficult. In this case, you can resort to another option. Many mushroom farms sell mushroom blocks with detailed guidance. You only need to prepare a room for them and at the end to harvest.

Growing veshenok at home