Growing salad in the garden

Growing salad in the garden

Growing salad in the garden

Salad – fast-growing, annual vegetable. Its crisp, fresh leaves have been used in many dishes

Ogorodniki gladly grow a variety of plant species in their summer cottages. The plant is unpretentious. It can grow on any soil. To get a harvest throughout the season, you do not need to have specific knowledge

Types of lettuce vegetable gardeners prefer to plant several varieties of plants at once to obtain a rich harvest. The most popular species include:

    Round lettuce. Outwardly very similar to cabbage. Has a wide spread, smooth leaves. Refers to the type of cabbage salad. Does not need specific care and is growing rapidly. Crispy salad. The leaves of the vegetable during growth form a large head out of the folded leaves. When eaten, they crunch. Among the gardeners is popular grade “Iceberg”, which is a representative of the type of cabbage salads. It has thick, fleshy leaves. Salad kucheryavets. With growth, it forms many beautiful, curly leaves without a core. It grows throughout the summer. For eating, you can tear off a few leaves, and leave the remaining bush to grow further. In this case, the plant throughout the season will please the gardener with fresh herbs.

Growing salad Salad is different from other vegetables in that it is able to yield a crop throughout the season. For this, the first landing should be made from the end of April. The next 2 is made with a break of 2 weeks. In summer, lettuce is planted with a reduced interval, which is 1 week. When the season ends, the landing time again increases to 2 weeks

Soil requirements If you plan to grow lettuce in open soil, then you should choose a site equipped with a drainage system and pre-fertilized. Compost is suitable as a fertilizer. The land for the vegetable should not be too acidic. The main task of gardening is to maintain soil moisture. Salad should be planted on the sunny side. Drafts must be absent

Growing salad in the garden

Planting seedlings Seedlings can be grown on their own or purchased ready-made seedlings. If the gardener cultivates independently, he should take small cups and fill them with compost. In each container should be placed on 2 seeds of salad. Then it is required to water abundantly

Prepared cups with plants should be placed in a greenhouse. When the first shoots appear, the weaker plant needs to be removed. The hotbed needs to be ventilated every day. Salad dressings should be tempered. For this, the greenhouse should be left open for several hours. Zakalivanie will allow plants to get used to environmental conditions

When the seedlings of the salad get stronger, they can be planted on the open ground. For them it is necessary to prepare pits in advance, with a diameter of 5 mm. Plant plants should be carefully, trying not to damage the root system

Seedlings should be kept behind the trunk at the base, and not behind the leaves. The distance between the seedlings should be at least 2.5 cm, and between the rows – 10 cm. After planting the salad, it is necessary to water abundantly

Sowing in the ground Salad can be planted under the open sky and in the form of seeds. To do this, first make the beard, a depth of at least 2 cm, placing them at a distance of 10 cm. Prepared soil should be watered abundantly

Salad seeds have a small size, but they should be at a distance of 2-7 cm. Then the groove should be covered with earth and covered with a film

When shoots appear, the film should be removed and covered with plants only at night with possible frosts

Growing salad in the garden

Care of the salad After the lettuce grows up to 5-7 cm, it should be weeded out. In this case, the distance between plants should remain from 5 to 20 cm, depending on the type of salad. The cabbage varieties require more space for growth and development. If they are too crowded, the heads will not be tied up

Seeds of lettuce should be periodically weeded, and the soil loosened. Leaflets of the plant are very fragile. For this reason, weeding should be done carefully

Salad does not tolerate the drying of the soil. Watering should be done in a timely manner. It should be done at night. Do not water the plant with cold water. However, excessive humidity is also harmful. It is necessary to observe the golden mean. With incessant rain, beds with salad should be covered with foil.

Growing salad in the garden