Growing piglets-weaners

Growing piglets-weaners

Growing piglets weaners

Growing pigs under the age of 4 months is a rather complex and responsible process. Unlike the cubs of other domestic animals, the piglets are born not quite ready for external conditions. However, and they develop quickly enough. This is due to intensive metabolism, which requires high-quality and timely feeding.

Feeding piglets in the first weeks of life.

As a rule, in the first 2-3 weeks of life, babies feed on mother’s milk, while from 5-7 days of life experts recommend to inject into lure a whole cow’s milk, and from 21 days, skim. In addition, for a harmonious development in this period, piglets are fed whole grains. This allows you to develop a chewing reflex and strengthen your teeth. Approximately from the 15th day of life, the whole-grain forage is replaced with feed mushrooms in milk. From 20 days it is allowed to introduce complementary foods in the form of root crops and juicy feeds.

The process of weaning piglets from a sow.

Weaning is usually done at the age of 2 months. The process is quite painstaking, since it is impossible to immediately exclude breast milk feeding. The process of weaning is the gradual replacement of dairy nutrition with plant foods. Despite the fact that the young animals are not yet fully formed digestive system, he needs a large amount of feed and the correct diet. It is during the period from 2 to 4 months that pigs make a good gain in live weight, which is important enough for subsequent development.

When weaning young animals should adhere to the following scheme of feeding mother’s milk:

1 day

5-6 times

2 day

3-4 times

3 day

2-3 times

4 day

1 time

During this period, the female must be transferred to separate bases, and the young should be left in the same place.

Feeding piglets-weaners.

Growing piglets weaners

Since after complete weaning of the piglets from the mother they lose milk feed and the digestive system experiences a peculiar stress, it is impossible to change the vegetable feed in any case. The diet should be the same as before weaning, and feeding should be at least 4 times a day.

Since the babies lose the protection they received with milk, during this period they are especially prone to diseases of the gastrointestinal system. Considering this, it is necessary to carefully monitor the cleanliness of the drinking and feeding tanks. In addition, along with the mother’s milk, the piglets are deprived of a lot of liquid, respectively, in the water bowl there must always be fresh and clean water.

After several days of adaptation without mother’s milk, the diet of piglets should be increased by 1.5 times. This will provide them with a sufficient amount of food and will speed up the collection of live weight. However, it is worthwhile to monitor how actively young animals consume feed. If, after 1.5-2 hours, there are still food residues in the food trough, they must be removed and the container washed. Doing this is necessary in order to avoid the development of bacteria in food, especially in the warm season.

The entire period up to 4 months is considered decisive in the further development of young animals. Right now it is necessary to carry out feeding so that the piglets actively gaining vital weight, since the better they grow during this period, the larger will be subsequently. The basis of the diet should be: cereals, herbal and vegetable fodders, meals and cake, as well as the necessary element of the diet is the return and fish waste.

Growing piglets weaners

Growing piglets-weaners