Growing champignons in the home

Growing champignons in the home

Champignons are widely used in modern kitchens. Dishes with mushrooms will taste like any gourmet. Champignons are useful. They contain a whole range of vitamins and minerals. During the post, mushrooms are able to become an excellent substitute for meat

Growing champignons in the home

Champignons can be grown at home. It is necessary to create for them conditions that are close to natural

Features of cultivation In the room all the time must be maintained a high level of humidity. The temperature should be at the level of 15-20 degrees

Mushrooms need a lot of air. In the process of development, they release into the environment carbon dioxide, an excess of which can lead to excessive stretching of the legs

For champignons, the presence of light does not matter. For this reason, they can be grown in a basement or in a barn. However, air circulation should be ensured

Growing champignons in the home

Humidity is a favorable environment for pest development. For this reason, the room must be periodically disinfected. For this purpose, a solution of copper sulfate, lime and formalin

Preparation of compost The owner of a mushroom plantation should prepare a special compost. It consists of horse manure and wet straw in a ratio of 4 to 1. Compost should include up to 4 layers of each component. To improve the composition, a layer of urea or superphosphate can be added between the layers

After preparing the compost, it should be left to ripen. It is desirable that air is accessible to the mass from all sides. Compost must be covered with a canopy

Compost will be ready in 3 weeks. During the ripening period, it must be mixed and periodically moistened. You can make it lime, crushed gypsum or alabaster. If there is no possibility to prepare a mass for planting mushrooms, you can buy compost in the store

Planting and care Mass should be placed in a container, a layer of 20 cm. Champignons can be grown in boxes, on racks or in bags. As a seed, mycelium is used. It is grown in specialized laboratories. Mycelium will have to be purchased at a specialized store

There are 2 types of mycelium:

    Grain. Used for growing champignons, based on the calculation of 350 g per 1 sq. Km. m. Can be stored in the refrigerator for half a year. Gives the best harvest. Compost. Used for growing champignons, based on the calculation of 500 g per 1 sq. Km. m. Can be stored for a year at a temperature of 0 degrees.

During the sowing a small amount of mycelium is deepened into a prepared mass of 5 cm. The wells should be staggered at a distance of 25 cm from each other. The development of the mycelium takes about 2-3 weeks

During this period, the mass should be regularly moistened. The temperature of the compost should not rise above 27 degrees. To increase the level of humidity, you can cover the compost with burlap paper or paper

Ripening of the crop If the cultivation process was carried out correctly, in 15-20 days after planting, the mycelium will appear on the surface. During this period, the temperature should be lowered to 13 – 15 degrees. The surface of the compost should be covered with a fresh mixture, 5 cm thick

Growing champignons in the home

During this period, the main tasks of the owner of the mushroom plantation are maintaining the temperature within 13-16 degrees, ensuring high humidity. Air should not stagnate

Watering should be carried out by spraying. If all the procedures are performed correctly, then after 3 to 4 weeks the mushroom picker will be able to harvest the first crop. During the fruiting period, the mushrooms should be watered with a solution of potassium permanganate and lime.

Growing champignons in the home