Greenhouse with own hands

Greenhouse with own hands

Each summer resident and gardener has a greenhouse on his plot. Of course, you can grow seedlings and windows, but it grabs light. Such seedlings, grown on windows, are thin and elongated. When transplanted into the soil, such seedlings are ill for a long time. Therefore, most truck farmers themselves construct greenhouses in their gardens

Greenhouse with own hands

Making a greenhouse is much easier than building a greenhouse. The cost of materials for building a greenhouse is minimal. The height of the greenhouses is one and a half meters high. In the greenhouses there are no doors, just to access the seedlings, you need to open or remove the top of the film

Greenhouses are not only stationary, most people make collapsible greenhouses. Collapsible greenhouses for the winter are easily disassembled and retracted into the barn. Greenhouses can be built from improvised means. The frame can be made of polypropylene pipes, metal fittings, wooden bars and even from window frames

Greenhouses can be of different shapes: arched, square, triangular, rectangular. Polyethylene film can serve as a coating. The most common hotbeds are considered to be greenhouses made from window frames

The first thing to build a greenhouse you need to choose a place. It is desirable to make a greenhouse from east to west. With this arrangement of the greenhouse, the plants will receive more sunlight

It is also necessary to prepare the soil warmly in the greenhouse. To do this, use biological fertilizers and leaves of trees. As the manure decomposes, it will generate heat from it. To do this, a layer of leaves is settled at the bottom, followed by manure. Top a small layer of soil

The best biofuel is horse manure. When it disintegrates, the temperature in the greenhouse rises to sixty degrees and lasts up to two months. Of course, horse manure can also be replaced with cow or pig manure, but then the heat will last two weeks and slowly go down

To create a greenhouse from the window frames you will need:

1. Window frames.

2. Bars.

3. Boards.

4. Electric jigsaw.

5. Hammer and nails.

6. Window hinges.

7. Window handle and door hook.

Greenhouse with own hands

First you need to measure the length and width of the windows. Then, according to these dimensions, four bars are taken, and dig along the perimeter of the greenhouse. The boards are nailed to these beams. Ahead is nailed on one board less. The greenhouse should have an inclined roof. This will protect your hotbed from the rain, and the sun will more heat the hotbed

On the sides are nailed the same number of boards, as well as from the back side. Then, with the help of an electric jigsaw, the sides are cut from the sides. To get a transition from the back wall of the hotbed to the front. Then the frame is laid on the frame and using window hinges fasten the frames to the back wall of the greenhouse

If you have windows without windows, then it’s not scary. You can not insert new glass, but simply beat the PVC with a film. On the window frame, you need to attach the handle. It will be needed to open the hotbed, which will need to be ventilated. Also, for the reliability of the frame, attach the door hook

This will allow you to tightly close the window frame. For the first time, you can make such a greenhouse on one window frame. If you need a hotbed for more, then you can lengthen the frame of the greenhouse and put two or three window frames

If you can not find the window frames, then you can simply knock down the beams by the dimensions of the frame and cover with PVC foil. Also, many people make regular hotbeds. For this you can use not only the boards, but also make a frame made of bricks. Everything depends on imagination and desire.

Greenhouse with own hands