Grapes variety “Delight”

Grapes variety “Delight”

Grapes variety Delight The cultivation of vines in the middle zone of Russia is not yet considered a matter of custom. Not every site can boast of a tall plant with large clusters. It is believed that grapes – a fairly capricious berry, to grow in not too sparing conditions

However, gardeners-optimists have long experimented with this culture, and their experiences are successful. The main thing, they believe, is to choose the most suitable variety. This is one that does not categorically refer to frosts, does not require a long, hot summer to ripen and, at the same time, gives bunches of berries, excellent taste qualities. There are such varieties, one of them is Delight

Characteristics of the variety Variety is derived by Russian scientists, which means that the design took into account the characteristics of the climatic zones of most of the country

The variety is very early, the vegetation period is only 120 days

The tall plant is covered with five-bladed leaves of medium size

Brush this culture has a large, conical shape. The average weight of such a bunch of grapes, on average, weighs up to 800 grams. But with a combination of favorable conditions, you can collect brushes and up to 1.5 kg. The berries themselves are white, oval, fairly large

Delight has remarkable taste qualities – with a slight acidity, sweet

A distinctive feature of this variety is its high frost resistance. Without additional shelter, he can tolerate frosts to -25 degrees

Poorly susceptible to such a disease as gray rot. A good, well-groomed vine will cope with other diseases

Ripe fruits can stay on the branch for up to 1, 5 months, preserving all their taste qualities. It is noticed that brushes of this sort easily transfer transportation

This variety is recommended for beginning gardeners. Grapes variety Delight

Planting a bush

Grapes variety Delight

The planting of this berry begins about two months before planting the planting material

First digging holes (80h80h80), if you plan to plant grapes in rows, then trenches

Earth from the trenches mixed with fertilizers (manure, wood ash, superphosphate), then it, only already enriched with fertilizers fall asleep in the pit at half and fill with water. In this form, the prepared hole is left until the grapes are planted, during this time the earth settles, and the pit itself warms up well

At the time of planting in the hole should be poured a little clean land, so that it formed a mound, on which a seedling is planted, its roots are straightened and covered with earth. Then you need to water abundantly the planting. The land will settle, so in the hole after watering, you need to add more land

If the seedling is planted in the spring, it should be pritenit from the sun. In the case when the grapes are planted in autumn, the seedling is buried by the ground to a height of 30 cm

After planting, the seedlings are watered repeatedly, 2-3 buckets at intervals of 7-10 days

Care Grooming for the grapes of Delight should be the same as for any other species. It is important not to miss some of the factors:

    For this culture irrigation is paramount. Particularly beneficial effect of watering in combination with fertilizing; great importance is the formation of the bush. If this is not done, the seedling gives a large number of uncontrolled shoots, which will immediately affect the quality of the berries; for better fruiting, artificial pollination is used; Particular attention should be given to preparing the plant for winter. Also, it should be properly removed from the shelter in the spring.

With the proper application of all of the above actions (and they are produced with grapes of any other kind), from the Delight variety you can get the most out of the performance, which will please even the most experienced gardener.

Grapes variety “Delight”