Grapes “Codreanka”

Grapes “Codreanka”

Grapes Codreanka

People were engaged in viticulture thousands of years ago. The popularity of grapes is due to its high taste qualities and the possibility of obtaining their wine

Grapes have many useful substances in their composition. Does not lose its useful properties when frozen, heat treated. Any drinks that are made on the basis of grapes have a very pronounced taste and a pleasant aroma

Characteristics of the “Codrianka” variety Grapes of this variety are often planted by summer residents. It refers to the early ripening species. Vegetation period is only 110 days. Berries have a pleasant taste, loose skin. The percentage of sugar is about 19%. Berries contain a few pips and a weight of 7-8 grams. Color of fruits violet

Grapes can have a small percentage of the city. On one brush can be about 15-25% of small berries. But this does not worsen the taste of grapes in general

If the berries are grown only for themselves, and not for sale, a bum for the summer residents does not play any role. Brushes after maturation for a long time hang on branches while not fading and not losing taste and benefit. The variety is frost-resistant. Grapes easily tolerate cold to -22 -25 degrees without freezing individual branches. Berries ripen by August

When the weather in the summer is warm, but not arid, the grapes are ripening in July-August. If the summer is rainy and pouring, then the berries ripen to the beginning of autumn. If the summer turned out to be warm and wet, the weight of the grape brush can reach up to one and a half kilograms

Planting of grapes “Codreanka”

Grapes Codreanka

Grapes should be planted in autumn. Since the variety of “Codrians” grows very fast, it needs more solid supports. It is not necessary to use simple ropes for the bandage, since the probability of their rupture under the heavy weight of berries and branches is high. It is best to make a metal frame and wire braces

Before planting, it is necessary to dig a hole and apply fertilizers to it. It is better to use humus, but it is possible and mineral complex bait. The seedling is placed in a pit, buried, after which it must be tied to the support and abundantly watered until it comes. If you did not have time to plant grapes in autumn, you can do it in the early spring. But only until the moment of bud blossoming

To ensure that the berries were environmentally friendly, you do not need to apply foliar fertilizing with mineral fertilizers under the grapes. Also do not spray it. But while abundant watering can only improve the taste of berries and their juiciness

If you want to protect grape from diseases and pests, then treatment should be done in autumn after harvest or early spring. And in no case in the period of fruiting and even during the formation of ovaries. If you still want to feed your grapes, then use organic, natural fertilizers

One bush with good care can give the villager 60-65 kilograms of berries. At the same time, the grapes lie very well after being torn off. He is not affected by rot. He does not lose his taste qualities during the freezing. Therefore, in winter, it is especially pleasant to cook compotes. They turn out delicious, fragrant and useful

Grapes Codreanka

The variety easily tolerates frosts, but if the winter has turned out to be snowless, then you should take care of the shelter of the grapes. In this case, if there is a strong heat in summer, the grapes do not stop their growth and active fruiting

Grapes of this variety adapt very well to the conditions of one or another locality. He is very unpretentious. It does not require time, money to grow it. It is very rare to affect the disease, attacking insects

Grapes “Codreanka” – an excellent variety for cultivation throughout the large territory of our country.

Grapes “Codreanka”