Grape variety “Libya”

Grape variety “Libya”

This grape variety was artificially produced. It is believed that Libya has an excellent yield. At the same time, fruit ripening occurs very early.

Increasingly, truck farmers are choosing this grapes for planting in their summer cottages due to the fact that it is resistant to various types of diseases that suffer most varieties.

Grape variety Libya

Young shoots are usually painted in a light green color. The collapse is absent. The matured shoots have a brown hue. Cuttings have the ability to take root well and do not cause unnecessary trouble when planting. In the flowering period, flowers are formed, which have both perfectly developed pistils and stamens.

Since the moment when buds start to blossom and before the berries become ripe it takes about 105-110 days. Grape bushes vigorous. In doing so, they have a fairly powerful barrel. This variety is characterized by five-bladed leaves, mainly of medium-cut type, green color. There is also an open petiolate recess. Fruit-bearing the plant begins for 3 years after disembarkation into the open ground.

Grape variety Libya

Grapes Livia prefers nutritious soil. Therefore, it is recommended to fertilize the land occasionally. To do this, you can use humus or compost. Although the bush is resistant to oedium and mildew, it must be periodically treated using special solutions. This is necessary in order to avoid fungal infections that may occur during the rainy season.

This grade perfectly tolerates low temperatures. He feels great in the cold to -21 degrees. The plant has a fairly powerful root system. Thanks to this, grapes can be a long time without regular watering. However, it should be taken into account that its yield depends directly on the care. The more favorable the conditions for the growth of grapes, the larger and more abundant the fruiting.


This grapes has large bunches. Often they reach a length of about 35 centimeters. They have a cylindrical shape, as well as some branching. The bunch itself is a bit loose structure. The weight of one medium cluster can be from 800 grams to 1 kilogram. In addition, it has an excellent commercial appearance.


The fruits of Libya can have a shape both rounded and ovoid. The berries are large enough. In this case, the average can have a weight of 11 to 13 grams. In length it can be up to 28 millimeters, and in width up to 20 millimeters. The ripe fruit has a pinkish color.

This grape variety is characterized by a juicy pulpy flesh, which has a strong muscat odor. The taste is pleasant enough with a certain caramel flavor. Berry is characterized by a medium-thick skin. However, during meals it is almost imperceptible.

Ripe grapes contain a large amount of sugar. This figure can reach 17-18%. The acidity of the product is about 5-9 g / l. I can find 1-3 bones for each berry. Seeds are perfectly separated from the pulp.

Due to the fact that Libya has high commodity characteristics, it is often grown for export. Grapes can lie for 4 weeks without losing their taste and aroma. In addition, he well tolerates transportation. Because of dense peel berry for a long time is able to maintain its shape.

Growing this variety, one should take into account one feature – ripe fruits are often amazed by wasps. Therefore, ripe bunches must be ripped off in time. Otherwise, the berry will lose its presentable appearance.

The amount of harvest and the speed of fruit ripening are affected not only by the climate of the area, but by the type of soil, proper care and timely cutoff of shoots.

Grape variety “Libya”