Grape variety “Amursky”

Grape variety “Amursky”

It is believed that the grape variety of Amur is winter-hardy. He is not afraid of low temperatures. This feature allows you to grow this species in the central part of Russia. Although the grapes are not distinguished by berries of a diseased size, it has rather good taste qualities and a pleasant aroma. At the same time, it can even be compared with European varieties.

Grape variety Amursky

The adult plant has a dark brown bark. With aging, it exfoliates from the vine with strips. Young shoots can be green, sometimes red. On the bush, green leaves are formed, which have a matte surface. They look wrinkled. The size of one sheet can reach 22-30 centimeters. With the onset of autumn, they become bright red or even purple with a carmine tinge.

The plant is characterized by rapid growth. In one year, young shoots can reach a length of 2.5 meters. The bush is very fond of sunlight. In this case, it has a high winter hardiness. According to some sources, the Amur grapes can survive frosts to -45 degrees.

The grape grows small flowers. They have a slight pleasant smell. Their color may be pale yellow. Flowers form small inflorescences. The flowering period lasts approximately 20 days and, as a rule, is the end of June.

Fruits begin to be tied up already in the beginning of July. Young shoots already by the beginning of August stop their growth. Full ripening of the vine occurs by September.

Grape variety Amursky

Amur grapes prefer to grow in acidic and friable soils. The plant does not like soil saturated with lime. Positive effect on the state of the bush and on the harvest of fertilizer in the land.

It is recommended to feed grapes with strong peat. This variety is very fond of moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to water the bush often, especially during dry periods. To make the harvest better, planting the plant is recommended on solar patches. In the shade, the Amur grapes can suffer from mildew diseases.

Also, you need to remove unnecessary shoots in time. The plant reproduces perfectly by cuttings and seeds. Up to 5 years you can store the seeds of grapes. But they will not lose their properties. Sow in the soil they can be immediately after the harvest was harvested. Their flowering will come only after 5 years.


According to the number of fruits, the clusters of the Amur grape are large enough. Rarely the length of one brush can reach 25 centimeters. As a rule, one bunch weighs from 20 to 70 grams. Sometimes there are specimens that can be up to 250 grams.


Amur grape gives small berries of black color with a blue bloom. Fruits have a thick skin. The shape of each berry is round. The largest fruits can reach 1.5 centimeters in diameter. They can taste like sour and sweet. In addition, the berries are very juicy. In each, one can find from 1 to 3 small bones.

You can harvest in September. In addition, this can not be delayed. As the berries quickly begin to burst and crumble. They harvest fruits with clusters. This variety is consumed fresh. Also it is allowed for processing. It produces a good wine, jam, juice and jelly. Berries contain sugar in an amount of 22-23%.


Often this variety is planted for landscaping plots. Since it has an attractive appearance from the moment of leaf blossoming to late autumn. Grapes adorn gazebos, facades of houses and arches. Also, the liana feels great near the fence, which perfectly curls.

You should not plant the plant with other fruit crops. Because the grapes are powerful enough and can harm the growth of neighboring trees or shrubs.

Grape variety “Amursky”