Grape seedlings

Grape seedlings

Grapes seedlings are called young plants, which are obtained with the help of vegetative reproduction. They grow them in school. For the propagation of seedlings, cuttings or grafts are used, then they are used for planting at the place where it grows all the remaining time. To obtain seedlings, the method of removal is used.

For planting, saplings are used that have a developed root system. Their length should be no more than 50-60 cm and they should have developed roots, in an amount not less than three roots, which are well developed. And also there should be healthy shoots, in an amount of 1-2 pieces, their length should be not less than 15 centimeters and should not contain mechanical damages. On the ripened part of the shoot, the kidneys must necessarily be well-formed, in an amount not less than three pieces.

Grape seedlings

The grafted seedlings must have a full and circular spike of the stock with the scion. The seedlings also should not have any damage caused by hail, no frozen places, and also mushroom diseases.

Most often, for planting, cuttings from zoned varieties are used, which were harvested in special areas with acrobatics and mass selection. The batch of seedlings is inspected by the inspector in a control and seed laboratory using qualitative documents. The following indicators are used to determine the suitability for planting seedlings:

– there must be an appropriate length on which the shoots mature;

– the length of the grafted seedlings is measured from the base of the annual shoots of the scion and to the heel itself;

– measured heel roots, does the length match;

– under the dead bark, the condition of the stock is checked, so that there are no places with lesions from diseases. The condition of the rootstock should be healthy and fresh, there should be no signs of vascular or mottled necrosis;

– it is necessary to check in what condition the graft and the stock. If you bend the seedling on the soldering site, the bend will necessarily show a complete spike or not.

If the seedlings are to be sold to nurseries, the farm should give out a variety certificate to the grafted and planted plants, which indicates the date and number of the quality certificate. These documents give out to the household a control and seed laboratory, and there must also be a certificate that gives out the quarantine service so that seedlings can be taken out. If the seedlings violate all established requirements, they are immediately rejected.

After the seedlings have been sorted, they need to be divided and tied into separate bundles, each bundle must not exceed 25 pieces. In three places, you must bind the bundles with twine or use willow rods instead of twine. To connect it is necessary in that place where there is a soldering, and also above heels and tops of shoots. It is necessary to attach a tag to each bundle, whose size should be 3х10. On the tag, basically, only the name of the ampelographic variety of the stock is indicated, and also the name of the variety of the graft.

In order to grow a beautiful vineyard with fragrant and delicious berries near the house or country site, it is necessary to pay special attention when buying seedlings. From them in the future will depend on the yield of grapes. It is best to buy grafted seedlings of popular varieties. To date, there are a lot of famous and popular varieties.

If you need to buy seedlings for the house, you must choose unpretentious varieties, which do not need to be given a lot of time and do not require careful care. Sale of seedlings usually starts from October and ends in November, then the sale is carried out, beginning in February and ending in June.

Grape seedlings

Grape seedlings