How to keep geese in winter?

Poultry farming has always been a good activity, which not only was a source of income, but also a profitable provision of food for the family. Breeding poultry involves a number of […]

Selection of geese for the tribe

Experienced poultry farmers use their own poultry for breeding. This is an effective process that brings great profits. They are engaged in breeding geese on private plots. The area determines the spaciousness […]

Fattening geese on fatty liver

Goose liver – nutritious and extremely important for the body component, containing the necessary proteins, vitamins, animal fats and other useful substances. Goose liver around the world is considered the most low-calorie […]

Premises for geese

Poultry farming is an activity aimed at generating income. Successful business involves observing the necessary rules that will allow the business process to work continuously. Breeding poultry includes a number of features. […]

Diseases of geese

Substandard feed, poor lighting, rotten litter and stale air can cause mass mortality among geese, provoked by such common diseases among these birds as: 1. Aspergillosis. The disease affects adult geese and […]

Interesting facts about geese

Goose is not only one of the largest, but also the most intelligent poultry. Breeding geese on farm farmsteads does not cause any special difficulties, as the goose is a unpretentious bird, […]

Feeding geese

The goose is the most convenient bird in the feed plan, consuming not only dry and fodder, but also kitchen waste. And yet it should be noted that very much depends on […]

Cultivation of geese

Geese are birds, quite simple in breeding and growing. In large farms, geese breeding is put on stream and includes: the process of buying eggs, incubating, growing small goslings, fattening geese in […]

Incubation of goose eggs

There were times when incubators were an unacceptable luxury, and therefore the incubation of eggs was entrusted solely to the goons themselves, with the help of which they barely managed to get […]

Growing goslings

Cultivation of geese is labor-intensive, but it quickly pays for itself, including preparing a room for keeping birds, buying feed and vitamin supplements, and sowing grazing with suitable herbs for geese consumption. […]

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