Golden Delicious variety of apples

Golden Delicious variety of apples

Golden Delicious variety of apples

“Golden delicious” is translated from English as “golden delicious” and therefore apples with this name uniquely have a wonderful taste and attractive appearance

For the first time this variety was found in the United States. The unknown seedling grew independently in natural conditions and later, when it spread, wonderful fruits began to appear. In the common people there is another name for this variety – “apple-pear”

Apples of Golden Delicious. General characteristics Golden Delicious is an autumn variety. The period of ripening and harvesting falls on the middle-end of September. The tree is medium-sized, with a rounded crown. Fruiting begins with 2-3 years of life. For many years, the branches of the apple tree under the weight of the fruit gradually drop

Apples of this variety have a rounded shape, the skin is dense, can have a slight roughness. Often on the entire surface of the apple there are dark dots. The color of the fruit at the beginning of ripening is light green, when the fruit rises color changes to yellow. The pulp of apples Golden Delicious is very juicy, green or cream shades, sweet, has a pleasant pronounced flavor

Fruits are tightly attached to the tree, keep to the very collection. The apples are stored for a long time, in a cool dark place until March-April. Transportation is easily transferred

Self-proliferation of apple trees can not, so pollinators are needed. Best of all, if it’s Jonathan, Wagner Prize

The apple-tree starts producing fruits early in the second or third year of life. The yield of Golden Deliciouss is generally high, but often depends on the age of the tree, the way it is handled and the weather conditions

The advantages of the variety are: – good fruiting; – taste qualities of apples; – early harvesting Disadvantages of Golden Delicious: – high predisposition to infection with powdery mildew; – during storage, apples wither quickly; – Reduction of fruit size at high yield; – variable periodicity of the appearance of fruits, not the same every year

Apples are often consumed fresh, but they also produce excellent compote, juices, jujube and even chips

To date, find the true variety of Golden Delicious is difficult. In markets and store shelves more often there is another kind of apples – Golden Resistance. The fruits of this variety are larger, and the tree itself is more resistant to various diseases and is prudent in care. And Golden Delicious works best in the warm southern regions.

Golden Delicious variety of apples