Goat Species

Boer goat breed

The Boer breed of goats appeared quite recently, but managed to find loyal fans for a short time, and this is true because they are beautiful animals, well, what will we talk […]

Nubian goat breed

The Nubian goat appeared on the territory of Russia quite recently, 10 to 14 years ago, and this breed did not come from Namibia, where it was bred at the end of […]

Cameroonian goat breed

Whalers here is who has focused their attention on these small animals. Goats went on a voyage and occupied a minimum of a place, and as for the supply of spruce, what […]

Pridonskaya goat breed

At the turn of the 19th century and the 20th century, the Donish goat breed arose after crossing local coarse-wool goats with Angora. This breed was obtained on the Don shores from […]

Alpine goat breed

Alpine goats are beautiful, noble animals, bred in the mountainous regions of the Alps several centuries ago. The breed is considered to be one of the oldest in the world, for a […]

Togbergburg goat breed

Toggenburg goats breed was bred in the eighteenth century from Switzerland in the Togberg Valley from here it got its name. This breed is bred in the canton of San Gallen, this […]

Orenburg goat breed

This species of goat was brought to Russia in the 19th century, by crossing several varieties of goats. The goal was to get fluff of good quality, soft and delicate, for the […]

Soviet woolen goat breed

The breed of Soviet woolen goats was excavated in the USSR between 1947 and 1967, through continued work on crossing coarse-wooled goats with representatives of the Angora breed Animals of this breed […]

Megrelian goat breed

This breed of goats was created by the efforts of the Georgian peasants, or rather Megrelia from where it received the name of its breed In summer, goats graze on open, pasture […]

Gorky goat breed

Goats are the most beloved pets for most residents of small towns, since they can be kept in a small shed only at the fodder, or on kitchen residues. Wishing to acquire […]

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