Goat breeding

Milking goats

For the production of goat’s milk in large quantities, dairy breeds of goats were specially bred. They give milk more and the lactation period for such breeds is longer than that of […]

What should be the room for goats?

Goats are unpretentious animals, they can be outdoors almost every day, but still they do not like strong cold and piercing wind, so with the first frosts of animals should be placed […]

How to feed a newborn kid?

There is a system for growing kids with a goat, and also when the kids are kept separately from the goat. In the event that the goat is grown together with the […]

Castration of goats – ways and precautions

Castration is the removal of the gonads of male pets, so that they can no longer produce insemination of females. Castration of goats is quite simple and almost painless for the animal […]

Feeding Goats

Goats are not just domestic animals that you can feed a couple of times a day and forget. People breed goats to get any benefit from them, be it wool, fluff or […]

Goat content

Goats are very smart, interesting, curious, they remember well how caress and care, and resentment, often revenge for bad treatment. If you treat the goat carefully and keep it in good right […]

How to choose a goat?

Buying a goat, however, like any other animal, the task is not at all simple. We should start by going to the poultry market and viewing the offers there, as well as […]

Goat Oil

It’s no secret to anyone that goat’s milk is one of the most useful products for a person and any mammal. It is rich in vitamins, microelements and helps get rid of […]

Interesting facts about goats

Goat is not just a sweet and kind pet, but also an intelligent and useful companion for rural people. They tamed goats for a long time, in the Middle East, about 9 […]

The Benefits of Goat Milk

Goat’s milk is recognized as a very useful product that helps cure various diseases. This was believed from the end of time, and doctors, and people’s doctors, and researchers. But, as you […]

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