Gherman cucumber variety

Gherman cucumber variety

Gherman cucumber variety

The modern market offers a large assortment of cucumber varieties, this choice can easily get confused. Sometimes a beautiful crop is not at all suitable for pickling.

It is better to choose cucumbers that are adapted to climatic conditions, are easy to grow and resistant to various fungal diseases. Care of the plant does not take much energy and does not require additional special knowledge.

Cucumbers of the variety “Herman” can be grown both in the open ground, and in greenhouses or greenhouses. The leaf of the plant is medium and has a saturated green color. The plate of the leaf is bulging, sometimes wrinkled, the edge is uneven and wavy.

The plant is tall, but this feature allows you to easily care for it. Ovary of cucumbers lowered and uneven. The young fetus has a cylindrical shape, the cucumber is elongated. The surface of the skin is uneven, the taste of the cucumber does not contain bitter notes.

Fresh fruits crispy, perfect for salad. The average weight of the fruit is about 40 grams, and the length is no more than ten centimeters. This is an ideal size for canning and for sale. When fruits are harvested properly, they do not overgrow. Cucumbers ripen early, and high yield makes the variety in high demand. The plant self-pollinates, forming seven ovaries on one node.

For cucumbers of this variety, good light is needed, a lack of sunlight will disrupt the process of photosynthesis, the leaves will begin to dry, and the ovary will fall off.

Gherman cucumber variety

To grow cucumbers, you can use the seed method or seedling. So that the seeds are well risen, warming up of the earth is necessary. This way you can grow cucumbers under a film, both in a greenhouse and in a greenhouse.

Plant seeds in wells or narrow grooves. Before planting, the land should be fertilized and mixed with sand and peat. The depth of the rows must be at least two centimeters. Spread the seeds in moistened soil, which will increase the germination. You can soak the seeds in water for several hours before planting, if they are not previously treated with a fungicide.

It takes about 30 days to grow seedlings. You can plant seeds in separate small boxes, followed by diving into pots. In order for the plant to grow well and grow strong, it is necessary to constantly maintain the optimum temperature not lower than 15 deg. As soon as the plant throws 2-3 leaves, the seedlings can be planted in the ground.

Caring for cucumbers is easy, you just need to water on time and periodically fertilize the soil. Water should be poured with warm water, fertilizer should also be applied with liquid. Pre-water for irrigation to defend.

The variety is resistant to viral diseases and is characterized by high yield with proper care. This variety is a hybrid of classic gherkin, used not only for salad, but also for conservation. You can forget about poor yields, the pollination of plants is not affected by weather conditions.

The variety is ideal for the Southern region if grown outdoors. In a region with a colder climate, you can use a greenhouse. Fruit-bearing the plant begins 35 days after disembarkation with proper care. Greenhouse cucumbers can already be removed by the middle of spring.

Cucumbers with a regular watering ripen juicy, bitterness is completely absent, which eliminates the process of soaking. This deficiency is removed from the hybrid at the genetic level. Shoots are flexible and, despite their impressive length, they retain a considerable crop. It is better to allow the plant to freely move along the vertical, this will facilitate the care and harvesting. Such a technique will exclude soil adherence to cucumbers and will regulate the beds.

Gherman cucumber variety