Gazebo with own hands

Gazebo with own hands

The arbor is an indispensable building for any house or villa. Especially in the summer, when the whole family gathers under it for a holiday or just relax. If you think that it is difficult to build a gazebo, then it is not so. Initially, you need to think about what material it will be

Pavilions can be: square, rectangular, hexagonal or unusual design form

It is also necessary to determine the location and the reassignment of the arbor. It can be large in size for a large company or on the contrary small for privacy

Also you need to decide what exactly will serve as the foundation for it. Several types of foundations are used in the construction of the arbor. The foundation can be: tape, columnar, pile and even monolithic. It can be made of bricks, metal, logs, wood. Of course, the wrought-iron gazebo will look original, but it will not work on its own. You can make a wooden pergola yourself. Even such arbors are made of natural materials, and they are easy to build independently

In order to build an arbor from a tree, we need such building materials:

1. Cement.

2. Sand.

3. Crushed stone.

4. Brick.

5. A beam of one hundred a hundred millimeters.

6. Anchor.

7. Boards.

8. Nails, a hammer.

Gazebo with own hands

First we need to make a foundation for our gazebo. For wooden arbours, it is desirable to make a foundation on stilts or columnar. In this case there will be a distance between the ground and the gazebo floor. This will not let the boards degrade. Arbor on this foundation will last for decades

In our case it will be columnar. To do this, it is necessary to dig holes into the corners of the future gazebo. The width of the recesses should be forty centimeters on each side, and the depth of eighty centimeters. If you are planning to build a large gazebo, then such depressions are made every 1.5 meters. Then the bottom is covered with rubble and concrete is poured

Crushed stone with concrete will need to freeze, it takes three days. This will be the basis of the pillar. Then on the concrete pour a little cement mortar and begin to build a column of bricks. Bricks are placed next to each other for two pieces. Then they spread on it, again the cement mortar and put two more bricks again. Each row of bricks must be laid perpendicular to the previous ones. So, we erect our pole forty centimeters from the ground

Gazebo with own hands

Then, along the perimeter of the pillars, lay the bars and fix them together. Then we install the supports from the beams. Supports are secured with anchors. The next step in the construction of the gazebo is to tie up the beams at the top, along the perimeter of the gazebo. On the lower boards we fill the boards that will serve as the floor. Then we make a roof with the help of bars

Each side of the beam is fixed to the support, and the second one to the other bars, which will be from the other supports. The roof can be made of boards. If you want your gazebo to be saturated with light, then the lid can be made from polycarbonate sheets. Also you can just pull the tent on the roof. Each side can be covered with boards or slats. Also it is possible to emboss honeycomb polycarbonate, which passes light fairly well and is easily fixed to wooden supports

In order for your gazebo to serve you for many years, it is necessary to treat the wooden frame with special means against insects. It is also necessary to coat the structure with wood varnish. Covering the varnish not only protects the arbor from moisture, but also gives the wood a shine. Also, the pavilion can be painted with paint, even a few flowers then it will be a bright accent in your garden.

Gazebo with own hands