Garlic planting in autumn

Garlic planting in autumn

Garlic planting in autumn

Garlic is used by man since ancient times. He was valued for his medicinal properties, spicy aroma, tart taste, unpretentiousness in care. There was a time that garlic was considered a very powerful amulet, without it there was not a single house

Grow it in our days. Now garlic is used as a seasoning, marinade, used in raw form during illnesses and not only. Let’s find out in the article how this crop is planted

Planting garlic. Preparation

Garlic planting in autumn

Before you put the garlic, you need to prepare its teeth. To do this, taut heads are taken, after which they are divided into denticles. Each of them should be checked for diseases, injuries, lesions from pests. Only good, smooth material can be used for landing. He can not be half-dry

Also an important point in planting garlic is its size. If we plant onions with very small onions, and it still grows large, then the garlic is the opposite. The better and larger the garlic, the better the harvest

Next, you need to decide on a place for planting. It should be well lit by the sun, without the possibility of spring floods. Also, garlic can not be planted for more than two years in a row in the same place. The most good predecessors for culture are beans, cucumbers, potatoes

As for the time of sowing, here everyone chooses his own way. Garlic – a culture that can plant under the winter, and can be planted in the spring. If planting you want to produce in spring, choose spring varieties. Most often practiced autumn planting. Then you need to choose winter varieties, since they are adapted to long-term cold

But then you must constantly monitor the level of snow on the site. If it is blown by the winds, then the snow in such territory is not delayed. Chances are great that the denticles will freeze. Therefore, if possible, the snow layer should be poured. By the time of planting, you must adhere to the lunar calendar

Before planting, you have to dig the ground with a shovel, if there was no planting before it, after making fertilizer and leveling. Can be further treated against diseases, shedding hot solution of potassium permanganate in water

Planting garlic

Garlic planting in autumn

The technology is very simple. After the plot and denticles are prepared, beds are made. They place denticles at a distance of 8-10 cm from each other. The distance between the rows should be 20-25 cm, so that it would be convenient to treat the beds from weeds

After planting, you can wrap up the beds with peat, sawdust. This will keep the moisture well, it will not freeze the denticles during severe colds

All shoots should be well lit, otherwise the heads will not be large. It is also important to ensure that the soil is not over-dried. Although garlic is very unpretentious, but still need to water it periodically

It should be noted that garlic has two main varieties – white garlic and purple. The latter is more beloved among the inhabitants of our country, but on the sale more often we can see the white

If garlic is planted in the spring, then this is done at the time when snow came down and the site left the water. The air temperature should be about plus 5-10 degrees

When the seedlings gave arrows, they must be cut off. Further, they make excellent snacks. If you do not break off the arrows, the head can not form. After harvesting, the garlic is cut off, leaving a tail of 5-7 cm. Further, it is possible to tie braids from garlic or beautifully bandage, hanging it for storage

That’s the whole technology. Plant your vegetables and berries, and then your table will always be full of environmentally friendly products.

Garlic planting in autumn