How to pinch watermelons?

When growing such a berries as a watermelon, many beginners have a lot of questions. After all, it seems like just to choose a certain variety of watermelon and plant it, but […]

How to get rid of ants on the backyard

Ants are able to cause significant damage to the harvest in the country. Therefore, if they appeared on the backyard, they should be disposed of. It is not so easy to get […]

Chokeberry Rowan

This plant is also called chokeberry aronia or literally from the Greek – black fruit. Although it blossoms and fruits it looks like ordinary mountain ash, but they are not close relatives […]

How to make garden goblets by yourself

Any gardener knows about garden var. The mixture is widely used to prevent the development of diseases in places of damage to trees. There are many recipes for the mixture, which are […]

Pruning barberry

Barberry or the second name “caramel tree” is a shrub or a small tree with red oblong fruits. The value of barberry is manifested, mainly, in cooking. It is added in the […]

Growing champignons in the home

Champignons are widely used in modern kitchens. Dishes with mushrooms will taste like any gourmet. Champignons are useful. They contain a whole range of vitamins and minerals. During the post, mushrooms are […]

How to get rid of a mole on a plot of land

A mole is a small animal living underground. He uses insects for food. The negative effect of the mole is that it builds the passages and digs up the roots of the […]

Cherry: growing and grooming

If you follow the basic rules, you can get a good harvest from your cherry every year. Most of the varieties of cherries are self-fruit, so when planting seedlings, you need to […]

Strawberry processing in spring

The first thing that makes a gardener who returned to his favorite household plot after winter is the treatment of strawberry bushes. But not everyone understands that productivity depends on correct processing. […]

Planting apple trees in spring

With the advent of spring, the owners of summer cottages begin to think about increasing the list of perennial plants in the garden. Many people want to get an apple tree, which […]

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