Fertilizing the tomato with yeast

Fertilizing the tomato with yeast

Fertilizing the tomato with yeast

Without tomatoes, we can not imagine our daily life for a long time. They became the main vegetables, along with cucumbers and potatoes. Therefore, all people who have their own plots of land, plant tomatoes in beds

Naturally, every summer resident dreams to get a very good harvest, and for this he uses a number of agrotechnical techniques. One of which is the application of fertilizers.

Why tomato feeding?

Like any other culture, tomatoes love rich soil, but not every site can provide them. Therefore, it is necessary to add fertilizing to the land, they not only help to increase the yield, but also fill all those substances in the soil that are taken from it every year

Tomatoes like fertilizers very much. At the same time, they master well both mineral complex preparations and organic compounds. The latter is an environmentally friendly product that is fully assimilated by plants. But there are various national recipes. One of which is feeding by yeast. What is its essence and advantages?

Yeast top dressing of tomatoes

Fertilizing the tomato with yeast

First, we need to highlight the main advantages of this method:

1. Seedling becomes more hardy even in the most uncomfortable conditions for it.

2. Saplings abundantly increase the root system.

3. Seedlings give many stems, on which ovaries and fruits are subsequently formed.

4. Strong seedlings easily tolerate all weather conditions, less sick.

5. Yeast is an environmentally friendly top dressing, so it does not harm the body. This is especially important for allergy sufferers.

6. The introduction of fertilizers from yeast makes the immunity of plants very strong.

7. Yeast is cheap.

How to make a yeast top dressing for tomatoes?

Fertilizing the tomato with yeast

It is done simply. For tomatoes is necessary to make fertilizer after sprouts caught on a site somewhere in 7-10 days. You can use both dry shivers and raw. The second time tomatoes are fed during the formation of ovaries

Do not change the recipe. That is, if you introduced one ingredient for the first time, then the second time they should be the same. Also it is worth noting that during the first fertilizing you need to use no more than 0.5 liters of solution, and during the second about 2 liters

An important point! Yeast, although safe feeding, but you do not need to abuse them. After all, it is a protein basis, which, in an overabundance in the soil, can lead to the appearance of parasites. So for the entire season you must feed your yeast seedlings no more than 2-3 times

To prepare a top dressing, you will need: 10 grams of dry yeast (1 sachet). They are bred in 10 liters of water. Here, a spoonful of sugar is poured. The solution should stand, after which it must be diluted in a 1: 5 ratio with water

The second recipe: take 1 kg of live yeast and dilute it in five liters of water. Wait for me to stand up. Then the mixture is diluted 1:10 with water

The third recipe: 10 grams of dry yeast is mixed with half a liter of chicken manure, half a liter of wood ash. Here pour in 10 liters of water, pour 5 tablespoons of sugar. The mixture is infused and diluted in a proportion c1: 10 with water

Also, you can use all products with yeast for top dressing. This can be dried bread, flour products, beer. The latter is often practiced by summer residents. But this is not cheap top dressing. It is better to use the simpler recipes mentioned above

Here are such simple and accessible recipes you now know. Try the feed data, and you will see the result. Since tomatoes already during the first week start actively gaining green mass, their stem thickens, a lot of ovaries are formed on the hands, which then turn into tasty, juicy, fleshy tomatoes.

Fertilizing the tomato with yeast