Fattening geese on fatty liver

Fattening geese on fatty liver

Goose liver – nutritious and extremely important for the body component, containing the necessary proteins, vitamins, animal fats and other useful substances. Goose liver around the world is considered the most low-calorie product, the use of which is recommended even for people who observe the strictest diet, because growing geese on the liver is a fairly profitable business, which began in France.

For fattening on the liver are taken geese of the Israeli, Hungarian, Benkov and Lanska rocks, feeding which allows you to get a liver weighing 600-700 grams.

Fattening geese on fatty liver

It should be noted that the achievement of such a result is possible only if there are good feeds and careful compliance with the ration diet, which should include:

– corn (grain and flour);

– mixed feed;

– greenery;

– vitamins.

To the liver of the goose was as large as possible, it is necessary to select only the largest and strong goslings for fattening. Correct fattening on the liver begins with the birth of a gosling and ends with its slaughter, dividing into three stages:

– initial

– preparatory;

– Forced.

First stage:

1. 0-1 month. From birth and until the bird reaches the age of one month, it must be fed with feed with 20% protein content for every 100 grams of feed. The daily goslings of mixed feed must be given in the form of cereals, or flour, when they reach the age of 8-9 days, the use of granulated feed is allowed. From the age of 3 weeks, it is necessary to start training goslings for green fodder, in the form of finely chopped beet and carrot tops, plantain leaves and the like pasture. Green feed should be placed in separate feeders. When home-bred goslings on the liver, it should be remembered that their movement around the corral should be restricted, therefore, no grazing of birds is possible. In a day, monthly goslings should consume at least 200 grams of green fodder;2. 1-2 months. It should not be limited to 170 grams of green fodder per day. Must remain at the same level;3. 2.5-3 months. During this period, it is necessary to reduce the amount of dry food to 24%.

In fact, this period of pre-fattening is over.

Fattening geese on fatty liver

Preparation period

Starting from the age of 3 months, the goslings selected for fattening to the liver are transferred to enhanced preparatory feeding, limiting movement around the paddock to a minimum. In one pen there can be from 100 to 200 geese, at the rate of 2 birds per 1 square meter. The ideal option is to place geese in cages, in an amount of not less than 3 pieces per cage. The restriction of bird movement during the preparatory stage is the main condition for obtaining a quality product.

During this period, geese should be fed heavily with green fodders, which help improve digestion and increase the size of the esophagus, as well as feed mixtures consisting of corn and corn. Such mixed feed geese should consume at least 400 grams per day per head. The training period lasts not less than 10 days, during which the birds are fed at least 4 times a day. It should be remembered that more food is consumed by birds in the dark and on the heyday.

Restriction of movement and intensive fattening can provoke stressful situations among goose herds, which can be prevented by feeding birds a double dose of vitamins A and C.

Forced fattening

The geese at 4-month-old age are transferred to compulsory feeding, which provides for an even narrowing of the bird’s habitat. Since that time, the number of geese on 1 square meter should be at least 6 pieces. The main food in this period is corn and its derivatives – cereals, cereals, flour. Corn is fed in a soaked form, with great results expected exclusively from maize a year ago, while the young grain for fattening is not good.

Wanting to achieve a good weight, both the goose and his liver, one should add to the corn fodder fat and salt in the amount of 1-2%, as well as feed the geese a complex of vitamins, which can be purchased in a conventional veterinary pharmacy.

High rates of fattening can be achieved by farmers feeding geese artificially with the help of a special tube through which dry corn grain enters the stomach of the goose. In the advanced esophagus esophagus can fit no more than 700 grams of corn.

The period of compulsory fattening lasts for 25-35 days, after which geese stop moving, breathe heavily and cease to react to any actions taken against them, which is a sure sign of readiness for slaughter.

Fattening geese on fatty liver