Fast fattening of pigs

Fast fattening of pigs

A full-value diet plays an essential role in the development of the entire organism of the animal and its individual organs, especially the organs of the digestive system. Feeds for pigs are dry loose, wet, granular and liquid.

Dry combined feed is usually used in well-ventilated hangars. It is set using an airtight system. It is customary to give granular feed in small portions, but often. This is done so that the pigs completely eat the given food and avoid losses.

Wet feed has a uniform consistency. Usually pigs eat well the wet food. Humans are usually used in small farms and farms. Liquid feeds have a homogeneous mass. Humidity of such feeds is not less than seventy percent.

If you want to get a quick increase and the necessary quantity of meat products of the highest quality, taking into account the low cost of feeding, you must adhere to the correct fattening of your animals. It is a mistake to believe that for active growth and development, the pigs will have enough waste, in addition to the above-mentioned forages, they must also contain various vitamin supplements.

Fast fattening of pigs

Try to exclude from the pig’s diet all the ingredients of fish production. Otherwise, you risk getting meat with a fishy taste. It will be best to add dairy products to the ration of animals, which will give a delicate aroma of meat products. Potatoes, buckwheat and bran, on the contrary, will make meat unattractive. The fat is affected by the number of vegetables, it can become flabby. Soy, cake and other wastes contribute to the poor quality of meat products.

It is not necessary to exclude these foods completely, but it is necessary to include them correctly and rationally in rations.

Special fodder supplements will help you reduce cash costs and increase weight gain per day. The main thing is to choose the right supplements. The content of pigs with the help of additives is made more rational, the products are of high quality. In addition, the pig’s resistance is increasing.

Amino acids and vitamins help to exaggerate the nutritional quality of meat, increase its density, with meat fattening.

Because of the pig’s odnokamerny stomach feed, rich in fiber, poorly digested. These pigs are different from cattle, and hence their diets will vary considerably. It is best to include concentrates in the feed, and green and coarse food should be avoided or given as little as possible.

Fast fattening of pigs

For pigs the optimal type of feeding will be wet. In this case, you can feed waste, vegetables, grass, cereals and boiled potatoes. Crushed cereal mixtures in combination with pea flour, oil cakes, vitamins and minerals will also be a good choice for making a ration.

Dry type of feeding can be the cause of development of coprostases and slowing down in growth. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to provide animals with constant access to drinking water. The advantages of dry feeding include saving your time and energy. It will not be necessary to cook vegetables, pull heavy pails with food. All that is needed is to prepare the grains, mix other ingredients and feed the pigs the required rate.

An important advantage of dry feeding is that there are no unpleasant odors from animal excrement. A lay year, they will be suitable for use in the garden as a fertilizer.

In general, if pig farming is your business, then it will be best to switch to dry feeding.

Before feeding the grain, it must be prepared and ground. This contributes to the best digestibility. Potatoes should be given exclusively after cooking. Before feeding it to animals, it must be cleaned of dirt and earth. Water from cooking potatoes should not enter the body of animals. Some quantities of roots should be fed raw. This is done to allow the addition of vitamin supplements.

Pay attention to the appetite of the animal. Give us the portion that a pig can eat. This is especially true of these bunches, because they can very quickly sour. If the pig offered food does not become, it is worth it to remove and no longer give. As a source of proteins you need to feed leguminous feed, cake, back, etc.

Fast fattening of pigs