Incubation of eggs of pheasants

If it is impossible or unwilling to naturally incubate the eggs, they are placed in a special incubator, which must contain all the necessary instruments for monitoring and measuring the data. The […]

Content of pheasants

The most common way to keep pheasants are cages made of a metal or wooden base, arranged near a shed for sheltering a bird. The three sides are fenced with galvanized wire […]

Pheasant breeding

Modern poultry farmers are engaged in breeding pheasants either for replenishment of hunting grounds, or for profit in the form of meat For sale in hunting farms are suitable those pheasants that […]

Feeding pheasants

Nutrients, in the body of pheasants, are expended with varying intensity: depending on the season, the state of health and the content. The feed mixture must be carefully balanced, because, with a […]

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