Estonian bacon swine

Estonian bacon swine

Estonian bacon swine

This breed appeared in Estonia in the middle of the last century. This is the result of crossing German white boars and local sows. A breed was created to obtain bacon

Advantages of this breed. The main indicator of the quality of the breed is the beautiful bacon, which was loved by gourmets all over the world. This product has not only a delicate taste, but also a fairly good structure. It is bacon, obtained from pigs of Estonian bacon, is delivered to the best restaurants

In addition, the representatives of the breed are well adapted to the pasture content, which greatly facilitates the cultivation of a large number of heads. This quality attracts to the breed a lot of breeders and breeders

Also, a good criterion is the good fertility of the breed. For one litter the female brings 11-12 piglets, which is quite good. Maternal feelings in the sows of this breed are very well developed. The female attentively treats the cubs, feeds them very well and very rarely refuses children. Perhaps, it is due to this, this breed is inherent in good preservation of young animals. This quality is also attractive for breeders, who not only grow pigs for meat, but also raise young animals for sale

Another quality that attracts farmers’ attention to the breed is precocity and a good mass of animals. Weighs 100 kilograms of young growths already after 6 months of life, which is very good for meat breeds. Adult boars weigh up to 330 kilograms, and sows up to 240

Feeding and maintaining the breed. Despite active and rapid growth and other quality indicators, these animals are quite unpretentious to eat. In the majority, farmers resort to voluminous fodder, which allows you to quickly gain weight and do not require huge costs

In addition, during the period of the farrowing, the sow is fed with enriched forages, which will become a source of vitamins and minerals. This ensures a healthy and full-fledged offspring

Just like in food, Estonian bacon pigs are unpretentious and in content. They fairly well tolerate temperature changes and other climatic features of the regions. This also serves as a trump card when choosing breeds by breeders

Where is the breed used. The main direction for bred Estonian bacon pigs is the production of meat, from which the first-class bacon is made. It was for this purpose that the breed was created. However, this is not the only direction

In addition to meat, farmers are actively using pigs of this breed to breed and sell pedigree stock, the demand for which is quite high. Thanks to good maternal qualities, rapid growth and low mortality rate, the pigs of this breed are quite in demand

Also, this species is widely used by breeders in breeding new breeds, which they want to instill useful qualities.

Estonian bacon swine