English horse breeds

English horse breeds

England is home to truly the most unique and best breeds of horses! The most famous among the breeds of English horses are the English thoroughbred horse and Shaire heavy-horse horses. We invite you to get acquainted with these breeds of horses closer!

The English thoroughbred horse breed is rightly recognized as the fastest of the whole planet. For today, it is difficult to say the exact date of the appearance of this breed of horses, but it originates from the 16th century, when the English stud farm was founded. In the English thoroughbred horse, the blood of three other breeds of horses flows, namely:

Scottish hippies; Irish hobbies; Arabian horses.

Thus, in the XVIII century, a horse was created, whose ability was to keep the same speed throughout the length of the distance. An English thoroughbred horse can travel a kilometer distance in less than 60 seconds. By the way, it was the breeding of the English thoroughbred breed that gave rise to the development of equestrian sport.

English horse breeds

Characteristics of the English thoroughbred breed

The growth of a horse of English thoroughbred breed is approximately 165 cm. The most popular color: light brown, bay, there can be light inclusions among the main color. The body constitution of different horses of the English thoroughbred breed may vary, but the best representatives are distinguished by a powerful but dry build with dense muscles, high limbs, a broad thorax and a long neck. The character of the English thoroughbred is fast, passionate, but at the same time complaisant, and a high level of efficiency in combination with other advantages makes this breed ideal in hunting, equestrian competitions and various walks.

Sure, the English thoroughbred horse is very attractive! Therefore, it is not surprising that her breeding began to be practiced in many countries, in Russia, the breed began to breed since 1825.

Shayrian Heavy Horses

English horse breeds

Shayra are beautiful representatives of the English breed of the largest, hardiest and heaviest horses on the planet. Today it is difficult to name the exact date of breeding these horses, but they have been widely used for a long time, in the 16th century.

Characteristics of the breed

The Shayrian horse breed has a massive broad-profile profile, low neck and small ears. It is characterized by a very strong and small back, developed and powerful shoulders, muscular limbs, on which from the wrist to the hocks are chic friezes. The hooves of the large-sized shires are very stable.

The growth of these horses reaches up to 185 cm. Characteristic color: bay, black, brown, smoky. On the head and extremities of the shayers, blotches of light color are possible. Disposition of the shirks is calm and uncomplaining. These horses even deserve the title of “gentle giants”, since, despite the fact that these animals are very strong and muscular, they are also very pliable and manageable in circulation.

English horse breeds

Used horses of Shayrian breed for heavy agricultural work, for military purposes, but their main purpose for a long time was to work at railway stations and in harness on ordinary streets. However, after the end of the First World War, the shyra fell into the background, as cars, trams and other vehicles appeared, farmers began to breed smaller horses.

However, to date, there is a real revival of this breed, because shyry are very beautiful and elegant! Many fans of horses dream of getting a representative of the Shaire heavyweight to their collection!

English horse breeds