Duck breeds

Saxon breed of ducks

The Saxon breed was created by Albert Franz in the 30s of the last century in Germany. His goal was to obtain meat-egg birds and high productivity. For hybridization, he used the […]

Breed of ducks “Orpington”

Orppington or Buff is a breed of ducks, created in England by the famous breeder William Cook. He brought out some unusual colors: Blue, Buff and Black Orpington. White Orpington was not […]

Bashkir breed of ducks

Poultry breeders are friendly with this breed of ducks because of their distinctive qualitative characteristics, positive nature. This breed of ducks has a number of varieties: gray, blue and white Bashkir duck […]

Mirror breed of ducks

Mirror rock appeared as a result of hybridization of khaki-kempbell and Peking ducks with local species. It was able to breed in the fifties of the XX century to breeders from the […]

Duck breed “Mulard”

Such a breed was bred by crossing the musk breed spleens with ducks of the Peking breed. Ducks mullard contain a lot of meat and a little fat. Specialists in this case […]

Ukrainian breed of ducks

Ukrainian breed of ducks is rare. In the majority this is due to a lack of positive qualities, or rather, it simply can not compete with many of its other brethren. Their […]

Peking breed of ducks

Beijing duck is the most common breed in poultry farmers. As its name implies, its home country is China. Beijing Duck pleases its fans for more than 300 years. This breed is […]

Duck breed “Favorite Blue”

This noble breed of ducks is bred at the state-owned Blagovarsky Bird Plant, where their breeding is still conducted for sale to the willing hands. Duck Favorit blue – gray-blue color. Their […]

Rouen breed of ducks

Some breeds of domestic ducks do not have high egg production or are not suitable for fattening for meat. As a rule, they are grown to participate in exhibitions. One of them […]

White Moscow breed of ducks

Most people believe that ducks are not economical, voracious, very noisy birds. But this opinion is erroneous. Of course, ducks eat a lot, but because of this and very quickly gain weight. […]

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