Incubation of duck eggs

Often, amateur poultry farmers use an incubator for breeding birds. Incubation is one of the methods of growing a bird. With the help of it, without much time, you can deduce a […]

Room for ducks

A duck is a small or medium sized bird. The neck of the duck is relatively short. Plumage is colored in different colors, depending on the breed. Taking care of the breeding […]

Slaughter of ducks

The duck is an early ripening and fast-growing bird. Usually slaughter of ducks begins at 2 months of age. Its weight at this time is not less than 2 kg. Slaughter of […]

How to get ducklings out of the incubator at home?

Duckling in an incubator has several advantages. The most important – you can always get the required number of chicks. Duck eggs because of the large size, shell thickness and fat content […]

Breeding ducks

Duck breeding is an integral part of the life of rural people. Someone chooses this path for personal needs, such as food and a small amount of mutual assistance from sales. And […]

How to properly care for ducks

Duck meat has a mass of useful properties, while they are quite unpretentious in care. This makes them especially attractive for breeding at home. However, the content of these birds has its […]

Meat of ducks

Today, at our tables, usually comes the meat of domestic musk ducks. They came to the bird market quite recently. But despite this, very quickly gained popularity. Now, the majority of farms […]

Interesting facts about the duck

The duck is a waterfowl, small or medium sized. As everyone knows, ducks are waterfowl. Their size ranges from small to medium size. The neck of the ducks is relatively short, plumage […]

Fattening ducklings for meat

The combination of unpretentiousness and high productivity makes duck breeding very cost-effective. To this end, many farmers initially begin to fatten the ducklings for meat. They grow rapidly, they are distinguished by […]

Feed for ducks

Like many other birds, ducks also, for the most part, consume cereals. For them, grain feeds are the basis of all the bases. Such food is well absorbed by the body, it […]

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