Duck breed “Mulard”

Duck breed “Mulard”

Duck breed Mulard

Such a breed was bred by crossing the musk breed spleens with ducks of the Peking breed. Ducks mullard contain a lot of meat and a little fat. Specialists in this case tend to breed such a breed of ducks in an incubator. Mulards are more resistant to diseases and do not require the presence of a reservoir. At 3 months, the duck-mullard weighs about 3 kg. Little bunnies are very quick, develop well and gain weight

Duck mulord breed is ideal, as for industrial breeding, and for domestic. This fleshy breed in its physique allocates only 3%, most are the most naive duck meat. For the period of fattening, in most cases, 4 months are given

To be withdrawn, exclusively, at the request of the owner of the Peking and musky ducks, because of the correction of deficiencies

In a musky duck – this: 1. Thermophilic; 2. Late maturity; 3. Slow growth; 4. The live weight of females is about 1 kg; 5. Strong desire to be an insect

Duck-mullard in most cases – a herbivore. Its food can be significantly different from that of other ducks. Such a duck is gaining from everything, whether it is food or grass is not so important. At 3 months, their weight can reach 4 kg, but if you extend the fattening period, it can actually exceed 6 kg. Their distinctive quality is that all the food they consume is redirected to maintain and increase muscles, not fat. The duck-mullard eats as much as the duck-broiler eats, the only difference is that the mulord is a little behind in growth from other common ducks

Duck breed Mulard

The reasons for correcting the deficiencies of the Beijing duck: – A large amount of fat; – They’re dirty; – Very loud

With the help of this ratio of the two breeds, all the shortcomings are eradicated, and only positive qualities remain

In 7-10 weeks mullards weigh about 1.5 kg

Pros: – clean; – good meat quality; – not loud; – quickly gain the necessary growth and weight

But unfortunately, behind the whole curtain of pluses there are disadvantages. The most important disadvantage is infertility. As, in general, and many hybrids, the eggs of females are infertile. The difference between a drake and a duck is only 500 gr

Mulards are very unpretentious creatures, they do not require a permanent reservoir, they do not limit themselves in the choice of food and completely calmly adapt to all circumstances, as for the weather conditions

Although the mullahs are cubs obtained by crossing and being another variety of hybrids, they can have different colors on their plumage, in most cases, they are still white ducks with a black spot on their head. These cute creatures are sure to pay off, even if they can not have offspring from them, but a huge amount of meat. If there is a place where you can walk the ducklings, and there is also a pond, fattening will be at the lowest cost. Since the mulberry does not refuse the grass and can even make it the main food item, one should not forget about feed, in the diet it is mandatory

Keep in mind that sellers in the market have such a feature to deceive, you should choose carefully, since the breed is a rare mulord and is displayed mainly for personal use or on order. In most cases it is because of infertility. Many owners expect to acquire once and have in the future their offspring. Do not be deceived.

Duck breed “Mulard”