Duck breed “Favorite Blue”

Duck breed “Favorite Blue”

Duck breed Favorite Blue

This noble breed of ducks is bred at the state-owned Blagovarsky Bird Plant, where their breeding is still conducted for sale to the willing hands. Duck Favorit blue – gray-blue color. Their viability is of a high level, precocity and egg-laying prevail. The meat of this breed of ducks is not fatty, than it differs from ducks of the Bashkir and Peking breeds. Simple in content and dilution

The main property is the viability of both young and adult individuals, as well as the fattening of high rates. By 2 months of life, the duck Favorit Blue has a weight category from 2.7 to 3.6 kg

The adult duck weighs 3.5-4 kg, and the drake is 4-5.5 kg. During the season the duck demolishes from 100 to 140 eggs, the weight of which reaches 85 gr

Ducks of such breed are directed more in a meat direction, therefore often they grow up in an industrial economy. Sometimes you can meet these ducks in specialized household plots

Ducks of this breed are hatched both by incubation method and by the method of the hen. Mother-duck breed Favorit are good hens. Hatch up to 15 pieces, but can grow 2 times more. At the same time, we must not miss the moment when we plant another’s cub. In general, this mark stands on 24 hours, since then there is a greater probability that the duck will recognize the alienity and drive away. The female duck incubates, approximately 27-28 days. The duck is sidetracked only occasionally for feeding. At the time of incubation, the fluff begins to fall from the abdomen, most of which they pluck to create a cozy nest

The first feed of the ducklings of the breed Favorit blue are crushed eggs, chicken and duck are suitable. As you grow, ducklings are added with juicy foods: carrots, potatoes, clover. As an additive suitable for shell, bone meal and chalk

In domestic farmsteads of adults, ducks are fed with wet mash bags and other available additives: grain forage, cottage cheese, milk, root vegetables. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that Favorit Blue is not a whimsical individual and eats everything that is offered. At the same time, if there is a pasture or a pond with a dense vegetation, they are very capable of making up for themselves the lack of the necessary in the diet, and the costs of feeding significantly decrease

Despite the fact that the ducks of the Favorite breed Blue are very beautiful and have an insanely colorful plumage of smoky color, it is not going to be planted for decorative purposes. Firstly, because of the meat that does not have fat, the palatability at the height, does not have extraneous smells. Secondly, because of egg production. These ducks are superior to many of their relatives and only slightly inferior to the egg-meat orientation. In a short time, you can collect a lot of eggs from different individuals to brood a large number of ducks

Only occasionally one can observe such a picture that the owners keep ducks for joy to the eyes and cleansing the food vegetation from pests, such as slugs, content only with the presence of demolished eggs. In this case, the ducks Favorit blue will live for several years.

Duck breed “Favorite Blue”