Drip irrigation on the site with their own hands

Drip irrigation on the site with their own hands

With the onset of spring in the summer residents begins a hot season. Each summer resident wants to get a good harvest from his garden. For this, the villagers are required not only to plant the seedlings, but also to look after it. Care of plants in large parts is watering. If the plant does not receive life-giving moisture, then it will not only not yield a good harvest, but simply wither

Some dacha dwellers fill their gardens with water from hoses, others go on a new path and do drip irrigation on their gardens. Such drip irrigation has many advantages

1. Saving your strength. You will no longer need to carry heavy buckets of water, water each plant separately. If you previously used heavy hoses, then you always had to throw it from one place to another. Also, many truck farmers when hanging over the hoses injure plants

2. Lower water consumption. When watering a garden of hoses, water does not only fall on plants, most of the water falls on the paths making puddles. Also, water floods the garden in those places where it is not necessary, giving life to the weeds. In this case, you still need to spend time fighting weeds. Also after such watering the earth is taken as a lump and it must be constantly loosened and shoved. With drip irrigation, water flows directly to the roots of your plant. Saving water twice as much

3. With drip irrigation, you can not worry about watering your garden for a few days. You just need to fill the water tank, and watering will occur without your participation

4. When drip irrigation water does not fall on the leaves. After all, every vegetable marketer knows that if water gets to the plant in the daytime heat, then the plant will get a serious burn. Of course, some gardeners watered in the evening, when the sun is not so hot, but this can lead to fungal diseases and decay of the plant

5. Drip irrigation makes it easier to apply fertilizers to the soil. You will only need to add a liquid or self-dissolving fertilizer directly to the water tank. In this fertilizer will act specifically to the plant, and not to the ground with weeds

Drip irrigation on the site with their own hands

So, in order to make a drip irrigation with our own hands, we need a water tank. In the role of capacity can be an old bath, a large barrel or you can buy a large plastic capacity. The capacity will need to be set at least a meter from the ground. This will create pressure when feeding water into the hoses

Drip irrigation on the site with their own hands

Then perpendicularly to the beds we put the main hose or polyethylene pipe with a diameter of five centimeters. At the end of this pipe, you need to put a cap on it. Then in this polyethylene pipe holes are made in front of each bed

In each such hole watering tapes are inserted with the help of starting fittings and rubber seals. Special watering tapes can be purchased at the store. Watering tapes are laid along the entire length of the bed. The end of this tape should also be muffled. Then we connect the main polyethylene pipe to the tank with water. To do this, in the tank just above the bottom make a hole, insert the crane

And connect it to the main pipe. It is also necessary to insert a filter between the tank and the main pipe. Thanks to the built-in filter, no garbage will enter the irrigation system and your tapes will not be blocked. Pour water into the tank and you can start watering

Alternative to watering tapes. If you did not find watering tapes, do not worry. You can connect the usual hoses instead. In the hose, opposite each plant, make holes using an awl. In the same hole, you need to insert the plastic end of the dropper. On the dropper there is a wheel with which you can adjust the water supply.

Drip irrigation on the site with their own hands