Don breed of horses

Don breed of horses

Don breed of horses

Originally Russian Don horse – one of the oldest factory breeds, not inferior in importance to the famous Oryol trotter. But unlike the horse-derived imported breeds derived from horses, the Don horse is the result of careful domestic selection, carried out for more than one century

Tentatively, Don rock appeared in the 18-19 century. Ancestor of the modern Don horse was the South Russian (steppe) breed and the horses of the eastern breeds. Later, the blood of English thoroughbred mounts, Arabian, Orel and streltsy stallions took place. The result of the selection was to fry, ripping and hardy horse, which was successfully used during the war with France in 1812

After this, the horses were returned to peaceful life, identifying them in the stud farms of the Rostov region. The main task of the breeders was to obtain a large and hardy horse for use in the cavalry

Today the Don horse is harmoniously built, fast, large, maneuverable and strong. A distinctive feature of this breed can be called a characteristic gold shine of wool, similar to how the golden coin is poured into the sun

This breed is distinguished by the complaisant nature and incredible orientation towards man. These brave, obedient, calm horses have strong health and are great for use in sports, teaching children riding, and as a hobby horse

In addition, the Don breed is perfectly adapted to the content in the herd and can live all year round on the street

Don breed of horses

The Don breed includes four intra-breed types, which differ significantly from each other: eastern, mountainous, east-massive and east-Karabakh

The oriental type features high growth (from 163 cm), a graceful head with large expressive eyes, a deep and wide chest, dry limbs, delicate tender skin and a slight tail and manes. This type is characterized by all shades of golden-red color, including especially valuable – light golden

Horses belonging to the eastern-massive type are usually large, their growth from 165 cm, they are strong, strong and are distinguished by exceptional endurance, efficiency and health. Among the horses belonging to the eastern-massive type, there is often a brown suit with a golden sheen and a thicker hairline

The East Karabakh type is distinguished by a chunky exterior, wide breasts and massive croup, dry strong legs and neat pedigree head

Horsemen of the highest type are the most popular today. They are tall, stately animals of light type, with strong strong limbs, a high withers, a long neck and neck. Horses of this type are most often bought by connoisseurs of Don horses from Europe

Thanks to their courage and endurance, speed qualities and strength, the Donchaks perfectly proved themselves in many sports disciplines: jumping, dressage, runs and even horse racing

Don breed of horses

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 21st century, when the agricultural branch of the economy was in crisis, the Don breed was on the verge of extinction. Closed whole stud farms that specialized in breeding Don horses, large herds of queens and foals were handed over to meat-packing plants

The enthusiasm and fans of the breed managed to save a small part of these beautiful horses. In recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of Donchak, they are used again in sports, they are bred for the soul, they become hobby horses. These are universal horses of exceptional intelligence and beauty. They deserve to be cherished and valued, like real gold of Russia.

Don breed of horses