Cultivation of ducklings

Cultivation of ducklings

Cultivation of ducklings

Who has already dealt with the geese, in no case will not be mistaken and ducks. All technology for growing is very similar

Cultivation of ducklings with the help of a hen. To the birth of small ducklings you need to be ready. First, you may need help: you may need to help the baby get rid of the shell. Perform this procedure very carefully, in small pieces, releasing the head first. Secondly, the chicks after hatching are very wet and cold, so we leave it for a while at the mother’s nest and then take it back to a warm room. In a warm room they are in a drawer, where a warm cloth, a piece of cloth, etc.,

The optimum temperature in the room is about 28 degrees Celsius, and also at first it is probably best to determine under the light bulb

After full brood, we collect all the ducklings under the wing to the mother. A good hen can safely let go of other people’s ducklings or that were taken out of the incubator

Within 5 days we keep a duck with chicks in a warm room, after which it is already possible to let out the open air, of course, depending on what you can offer: a meadow full of fresh grass or a wonderful pond. Do not worry about the chicks duck-mom is good at coping with the task of bringing up, literally after a while the ducklings themselves begin to eat. Keep in mind that even a hen can nurse ducklings if there is no duck

Feeding As for feeding, the procedure is as follows: 1. Immediately after birth, it is necessary to solder a solution of potassium permanganate from the pipette – 1-2 drops. Further up to 2 months, the manganese is added to the water. Due to such a solution, ducklings will not have a gastric disorder, since at this time this is the weakest place in their body and only because of indigestion a lot perishes in the first 2 months of their life

2. If there is no mother-hen, which periodically can walk, then the first feeding occurs after 2-3 hours after hatching. So, it continues every 3 hours

After 3 days of life – it should be a healthy, energetic duckling, which stands firmly on its feet and weighs approximately 50 gr

It is recommended immediately after hatching the chicks to determine their gender and place in different boxes before connecting with the mother. Thus, the food will be properly consumed. Drainers eat more food than ducks

What should be included in the diet of ducklings? Without fail, the diet includes a variety of cereals: cereal from wheat bran, oatmeal, millet and porridge. Porridges are in use in a liquid and warm state

To the porridge, you can make various additives in the form of cottage cheese, milk, greens or curdled milk. In addition, nourish the growing body and various additives: shell, crushed chalk. After 20 days of life, you can add salt. Of course, many people know that the very first meal of ducklings should be eggs, cut into very small pieces.

Cultivation of ducklings