Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

In May and April, the spring in the middle zone of our country is quite cold. And you can not plant cucumber seedlings on open ridges, since they will simply freeze. In this case, you can use greenhouses and greenhouses

A warm bed of manure

Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

If you have a chance to get fresh manure in the spring, you should not ignore it. It will be an excellent aid for cucumber beds. With a width of beds of 1 meter, lay a layer of manure not less than 25 centimeters thick. After this, the bed should be watered abundantly

To sow seeds of cucumbers it is necessary so that 4 plants settled down approximately on 1 sq. m. When using manure on a bed, preliminary soaking for seeds is not necessary. If you are not sure of the similarity of seeds, then in one hole you can put two seeds at once. With the germination of both, the seedlings are removed, which seems to be the weakest

For additional heating in the greenhouse for cucumbers make a mini-greenhouse. Set over the garden beds, on which stretch covering material or polyethylene. This will ensure the shoots in three to five days. In the daytime, you can slightly aerate the plantation

To prevent the burning of landings in hot weather it is better to install inside thermometers that will measure the temperature of both air and ground.

Warm cucumber beds from compost

Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

If you can not get the manure of this season, do not despair. You can make a hot patch of compost, which includes sawdust, vegetable waste, last year’s tops, etc. The bed works on the same principle as the formation of compost. That is, the more in the composition of such waste, the more comfortable it will be for the planting beds

In this mixture, you can add funds that accelerate the compost. From above stack about 15-20 centimeters of good ground. After that, you can start seeding the seeds. In order to accelerate the sprouting process, it is possible to plant already sprouted seeds in cups of peat that are so popular in recent times

In the future, the process of growing is similar to that in the manure warm bed. It is worth considering that the temperature of this bed will be lower. If you live in a warm region, then it’s okay. And for cold regions in this case it is better to plant cucumbers later, when the spring has already firmly taken its position

Care After planting and emergence of plants care for plants is the timely feeding of ashes and fertilizers that contain potassium. You also need to tie the whips, regularly pinch them or cut them

Take care that the plants do not get sick. Careful care guarantees you a good harvest of your favorite vegetable

Seeds for indoor soil

Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse

If you plan to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse, then we recommend buying F1 hybrids. They have a number of advantages. One of the main ones is a good harvest and a little labor in the care (they do not need pinching and pruning)

In the market there are seeds for sale, which are specially designed for regions of the middle Russian strip, in which the average temperature is low and spring comes late. They do not tolerate an insufficient amount of sunlight. For example, these are varieties such as Marinda, Buyan and others

After the crop is harvested, the compost and manure beds will still be useful. For example, if you work in accordance with the rules of organic gardening and do not dig up the ridge, then you can lay organic materials on such beds and then use them for growing other vegetable crops.

Cultivation of cucumbers in a greenhouse